Svetaketu asks his father Uddalaka  about God

Svetaketu, ” Sir please tell me more about this self”

“Be it, my child:

“If someone strike once at the root of this large tree, it would bleed, but live. If he were to strike at the top, it would bleed but live. Pervaded by the living Self, this tree stands firm, and it takes its food; but if self where to depart from one of its branches, that branches would wither; if it where to depart from a second, that would wither. If it where to wither from a third, that would wither. If it were to depart from the whole tree, the whole tree would wither.
“Likewise, my son, know this: the body dies when the self leaves but self dies not.

“All that is, has its self in him alone. He is the truth. He is the subtle essence of all. He is the self. And that, Svetaketu, THAT ART THOU.”

“Please sir, tell me more about the Self,” said the youth again

“As a man may be blindfolded, and led away, and left in a strange place; and as, having been so dealt with, he turns in every direction and cries out for someone to remove his bandages and show him the way home; and as one thus entreated may loose his bandages and give him comfort: as thereupon he walks from village to village, asking his way as he goes; he arrives home at last- just so does a man who meets with an illumined teacher obtain true knowlege.

“That which is a subtle essense- in that have all being thier existence. That is the truth. That is the self. And that, O Svetaketu, THAT ART THOU.”

Just like a blindfolded man, I wait for my illumined teacher to find me and show me the way but I am not worried cause The self will do that for me, THAT ART THOU.

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