Back after a long break…

Refreshed, inspired, full of ideas and super excited to start my unfinished project which I had left when I got pregnant.

Son will start school soon thus will have two whole hours to get back to myself..what a privilege for a full time mom! 

I feel happy as my travels inspire me…the food, the people, the cultures, the aesthetics, the mannerism, the movies, the ideas, the perfection, the systems and much much more.., the list goes on.

What inpired me the most this time was the beautiful Jamie Oliver’s restaurant,  with love it has been made. The spanish, french and the greek movies I saw, how simple and easily the stories are narrated, sometimes its a movie just about a day, an event or just one relationship. Wow! When will we make movies like these? And most of all the English way of life…

Now that I am back, I have to start this nearly impossible unfinshed project. I though about this project when I saw this fish, Nemo in an aquarium, I though about “Finding  Nemo” and how much that movie touched my heart..I don’t cry in movies and for me the movie which makes my eye wet is the highest in emotions and when finally nemo’s father, Marlin gives up and is about to return broken heart as he thinks nemo is dead, he hears an echoing voice “Dad…. Dad” at first he doesn’t hear it as he is lost in his sad emotional world and then he finally looks back and there is Nemo swiming through all the bubbles of water..I cried, well a tear  rolled down my eye and I choked thats what I call a movie…what an ending, you know from the begning in the end he will find Nemo, yet I got emotional what a beautiful father son relationship shown in the movie, we know they are just fish yet we get attached to them.. Wow!! I always clap when Nemo and Marlin reunite.

Just as finding Nemo, I embark on a very difficult journey which might not get finished, I call my journey “Finding Gattu”

With two weapons I start, faith and persistence…

Lets see what happens if I fall back in self doubt I will tell my self “aal izz well…aal izz well”😊

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