Packing before my son was born was the most boring and unplanned part of my journey, it was always last moment.

After my boy packing is the most anxious part. Planning, listing, sorting, packing, weighing the bags, tagging and still I have a nagging feeling that I have forgotten something. 

This feeling continues till we sit in the plane and then I have no option but to let go. Before we sit in the plane it feels a long journey already with so many hand bags with my son’s  food, extra clothes, toys, stroller, teddy and ofcouse the travel documents. Earlier my check in bags where as much as my hand baggage today.. Ha ha ha!

During all this confusion snapping at the husband is allowed when he says he wants to have another cigarette as his lungs will miss it for the next few hours lolz

Till we sit in the plane humour is not much around. When husband jokes, “oh bye the way don’t forget our son’s favourite teddy in the plane just as the last time” I look at him blankly as I do not find it funny as we still have not agreed till date who was responsible for forgetting our son’s teddy under the plane seat in Rome last year. So husband realises lets back off till all the packing is done. And once at the airport mr. I am so cool headed’s panic starts this continues till all the documents, passports are back in the bag and he finds smoking room. 

Finally in the plane, all the bags in place and all settled the in flight entertainment starts. Son watching his ipad, husband watching the flight route and also watching an over the top hindi movie from the screen of the front passenger. I ask him why not watch on your own screen?  as he is laughing on the jokes of the movie someone else is watching he tells me “oh I am fine plus I like to watch this flight route”. “ok assistant pilot”, I go back to the Spanish movie I am watching. Suddenly the son pulls the head phones, I think that fine as it is I am reading the subtitles only. In between he shuts off my screen as well but I divert him and get back to the movie. All relaxed now the trip starts…

As we meet our friends and we tell them in good spirit all the confusion, arguments we had while travelling… Yes our humour has found its way back 🙂

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