When I was in mumbai, I wanted to go outside our hotel and click pictures early morning but my Milkoholic son decided otherwise. He must be thinking “well its a new place, why don’t I get up 4 times in the night instead of the regular 2 times” and once he just got up to check if the lights of the room where on.. So by morning I had no energy, not to forget the early morning flight we had taken the previous day.

So after having a late breakfast, (reached in time after receiving a call from the hotel,” madame we will be closing the buffet in 15 mins”  ) and bathing my son, I give him to my parents and go out to click some pictures as I have to do justice to my camera the other man in my life ..lolz

By now the sun was at his peek, bad lighting but like crime master gogo I though, ” ayi huh toh kuch toh click karke javungee”

As I was looking around a person from behind was calling me in broken desi english language,

” Xcuse me… Photo…A1 photo.. Super photo…Gateway of India in hand…one minute photo… Hold Gateway…photo..”

I turned around, this fellow sweating in the hot afternoon holding a camera was standing right behind me…he notices that even I had a camera hung on my neck. 

He must have thought ” Arrey yeh toh.. She is not a possible customer” so he walked away finding more people to get their A1 photo clicked.

As I was taking some pictures around I saw him taking these pictures so I told him

” chalo aaj mieh tumraha A1 photo kichti huh ( I’ll click your photo).”

I wasn’t happy with the images technically, light was very harsh, the sun’s position was wrong but well some days everything is not in our control.

But the images seemed very comical and innocent to me so had to share them.

this image is very funny as the man who is getting his photo clicked has his tougue out, the onlooker on the phone, the camera man and the woman looks like she is directing this photo shoot


another funny image of the woman getting her pic clicked with one hand on her waist

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