I recently went to mumbai for a day. The hotel we were staying had a three part painting in their lobby by a very well know artist of India. This artist is suppose to be “The Artist”. I have never understood his work or his gimic of not wearing shoes. When he was alive I remember him to been seen holding his brush  where ever he went and declared “I hold this brush all the time, its always in my hand.” I always wanted to ask him, what does he do with the brush when he pees? Men need their hands more than women for that right? I do not want to go in the detail of how he would be  going naked legs in public toilets with his brush, he would have to keep it some where to do this job ha ha and yes no matter how big celebrity you are, you have to use public toilets sometimes…lolz. Oh maybe its the scorching heat  that has got in my head that I am making fun of this artist. God rest his soul!

When we were in the lobby I went to check out this painting, give it a chance, there should be  something about it as the whole country is going ga ga over him and his work. This long painting was right behind the reception of the hotel.

On the reception there was a young receptionist talking on the phone. I started observing the  painting forgetting that he was between me and the painting.   

This person suddenly got self conscious and blushingly asked me “mamme may I help you?” Suddenly I realised him, he looked in his early twenties, a typical Indian gora chitka proto type. He thought I was admiring him. 

I replied to him,” oh that fine just , just trying to understand this painting.” I realised I had not even looked at him while replying, later I thought that was rude.

Still trying to feel the painting,I felt  nothing, no depth. One look was enough, I felt no layers. 

So I tell this boy, ” do you like this painting?” 

“Mamme but it is so and so artist’s work.”

Me: “but if you had not know the artist, would you like it? I don’t find it great.”

He smiles and whispers “all ofus don’t   like it. We are not suppose to say that. We make fun of it. But well who are we to talk about art, we are here to do our jobs.”

Me: “yeah its art and I don’t understand either, it should make you think. It should pull one towards it.”

“I feel he has made it in a hurry. It must have not taken more than 2 months to do this, whats that formula in that?”

Receptionist, “mamme its in 3 parts past, present and future.”

Me: “yeah so they are all the same its not like he has worked hard on it, well it must he costing at least a crore of rupees and I don’t see it.”

Receptionist, “actually he had gifted this painting.”

Suddenly it accrued to me, gift yes thats the problem, its what John Galt said in Atlas Shrugged, you should never give things for free, it has to be a fair exchange to understand the value of anything. It seems to me the artist never valued this painting.

I told the receptionist boy, “Ah of course, he will gift it. Its not that great” we both smiled at each other and I left for my room.

I have no understanding of Art, I do not know much about the styles of art but I remember when I saw Da Vinchi, Monet, Van Gogh, Gaudi, Picasso, Michael Angelo even when I was a child, it lingered in my mind, there was a sort of suspense and wonder in there work, there were layers to leave us imagine more, the colors would flow in the memories years after seeing those paintings.

Isn’t Art suppose to be like that?

Thought  provoking, deep and inspiring. Isn’t Art suppose to be done over years so that it lasts for centuries.

Any form of art, a painting , a photograph, a film, a sculpture, a building etc should be able to inspire in someway or another.

Maybe I do not understand art, these days people just draw whatever and call it modern art. 

I remember what Mr. Burgman said ” there are two kinds of people in the field of creativity. One are artists and others are personalities, its the artists that I am interested in.”So True, maybe this artist was just a personality.

Recently I was going through my photographs and found this 1/3 painting I had clicked, Maybe I was trying some composition style. This 1/3 painting seems to me so much interesting then the 3paintings  together at that hotel lobby.

even if its just a part of a painting , we can finish the rest of it with our own interpretations

One thought on “IT’S ART

  1. You crack me up … “what does he do with the brush when he pees?” – love it – keep documenting your thoughts – we journey in life and learn only from looking deeper! Namaste!

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