Friday : mom suggested a Jack Nicholson movie “One few over the cuckoo’s nest” 

To find this movie was a task

By 1 am was half exhausted half frustrated looking for it on the internet. Finally managed to get hold of it.

1.15 am  Started watching this movie, length 2 hrs and 45 mins as long as a regular hindi. Watched for an hour. Pause. Snooze.


Late afternoon: son was napping wanted to finish cuckoo’s nest, could not get it out of my head 

Around 3.30 pm  “As good as it gets ” on Tv, another Jack Nicholeson movie, got hooked on to it, could not get my finger to switch off the tv. 

Evening: I read King Learread the  introduction  came to know towards the end King Lear turns mad.
Saturday night: husband out, my plan to finish  ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest‘ but son was in no mood to sleep.

11.30pm:  I give up, put son on my lap turn his rymes on,  Put ‘My big fat greek wedding’ on TV, in this movie the brides family is shown loud, over involved, interfering kind of half crazy  in a humorous way.

12.30 a.m: Son finally fall a sleep, phew! 

 I remember I had made the dough of the pasta, I think “what the hell it will take only 20 mins or so”,so I decide to finish my job of making pastas

By now time 

1.30 am: By now I felt neurotic was too anxious to wait another day to finish the movie, had to see it.

 3.45: am the movie has made such am imprint on my mind going to sleep was  impossible so decided to read just one more page and the next one and the next one, I dont know when I fell asleep. Snooze finally or may be not..

Coincidently the theme of all the movies, the book which I saw or read were the same. The theme of the day was lunatics, neurosis or humour on abnormal behaviour.. Huh! 

Around 5am: Got up panicking, forgot about pastas drying, rushed to save them, they were already breaking, I did what I could, helpless I put them in the fridge. Oh!what a waste of time and energy making pastas today.

5.30 am son gets up for some milk and I have a snack 

‘One flew on the cuckoo’s nest’ was going on in my head, flashes of scenes…running like a movie reel. 

5.45 am: little light in the sky appears soon sun will rise, oh bugger! 

next day packed still awake

I think  ” have I flown over cuckoo’s nest?, why did I not sleep the whole night?” ,  

flashes of the movie are still going on in my head. All the scenes are still going in my head as in a kaleidoscope. 

Scenes of when they went for fishing, playing basketball and the party. how well directed, they were funny in a realistic way.

Scences of when they were screaming, when they were taken for shock treatment, when billy was taken in the room before he ends his life or when chaswick argues and crys to the nurse for his cigarettes..

Oh Jack Nicholeson as Murr.. Oh! How lovable he was, what an actor.. Why did he not run when he had the chance? Oh! I got so personal, isn’t it a classic movie when you get personal and cant get it out of your head? 

All the suporting cast each one acted their role completely convincing the audience. I could feel that I knew all if them and living with them in the institute.

Nurse Rached, what a strong villan. The way she played a cold blooded robot, I felt like pulling my skin and scream. She gave the creeps with out saying much, just acting with her eyes and expressions. Superb acting.

Never did the movie feel long and in scenes when they were fighting and shouting yet I did not feel that the movie was noisy, what a way to direct such a simple story.

Still thinking about the movie, have I actually flow over the cuckoo’s nest, why cant the movie go out of my mind? 

 Sunday: pasta looked quite nice so well I felt Aal Izz Well, Aal Izz Well..ha ha ha ( murr style loud laugh )

Sauce of the pasta is very simple it has tomatoes, black olives, 1 tbsp tomato puree, chili flakes, basil and olive oil.  

They turned out so well, maybe “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” inspired this dish. 

Thus I Don’t regret staying awake the previous night. In fact I was pretty fresh on Sunday just bit of puffy eyes. 

A thought came to my mind, one of my favourite movie Munna bhai M.B.B.S ,was it inspired from ‘one few over the cuckoo’s nest?’, there is nothing common story wise but I get a same feeling, a vibe, may be it was  inspired in spirit. Well this I shall never know.


  1. *one flew over the cuckoo’s nest* is a profound story. mcmurphy isn’t really *insane,* but his shenanigans get him in trouble. he is a free spirit, punished for his liberty loving ways, imo. SPOILER: the chief performs a mercy killing after mcmurphy’s lobotomy because mcmurphy is no longer mcmurphy after the surgery. for me, this book/film advises a cautionary tale on societal expectations of thought, behavior. individuals don’t always *blend* into expected norms. don’t we have the right to be all that we can be, even if it deviates from *normal?*

  2. The pasta looks phenomenal and you couldn’t have picked a better movie to obsess over – it’s a mix of quirky characters that make that movie, just like your pasta is a blend of elements that make the dish!

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