What is freedom? 

To speak what you want, to do what you like without caring for anybody around,NOT AT ALL! This is what selfish and whimsical people do in the name of freedom.  This is the explanation that people who are immature and want to live on whims with no values or principles give in the name of freedom. They often say something today and tomorrow they say exactly opposite or behave exactly opposite and posion the meaning of freedom. I am not judging  people for this choice of erratic lifestyle, I just feel sorry for them, Get well soon bolneka..

So then what is freedom? When I was reading I came across a concept “Absolute freedom“, its means freedom of mind. Freedom is a feeling “Yes I am totally free, nothing compels me, I am free to choose and my choices have its consequences, I am also aware of the consequences. I take my own decisions and then I have a responsiblity towards the decision and in everything I choose in my life no one has influenced me or forced me.” 

Freedom from judgement, freedom from morality, freedom to live without faking reality and accepting the truth of ones own life. 

Freedom to understand that our children are different from us, freedom to give them a life that they can choose and not follow you or build your dreams.

Freedom to respect your spouse and not be possessive about them. Freedom to free oneself from gossip and worry about what other people are doing or what they are thinking of me.

Freedom of thought, freedom of rituals and religion.

Freedom from addictions. 

Freedom to understand that if this is my truth then that is his truth. Freedom to choose a way of life and belive in it.

Freedom to have a child or not and then if you make that choice then to understand the responsiblity of it and live happily.

 Freedom in mind to understand other peoples choices,  decisions  like not marrying or not having children, that is their freedom and freedom of mind to understand this and not gossip about it. 

Freedom to understand that I choose this someone else can choose that. 

Freedom to respect our childrens decision to marry someone they love in spite of the factthat their   marraige doesn’t suit you. Freedom to choose to spend the rest of your life with someone you love and stand by the desicion. 

Freedom to live a life that gives happiness, I am not taking of short term, quick remidies which people confuse with real happiness. Ek shot mar diya, popped a pill,  now lets get high and forget everything and suppress the real problems, that is not happiness, its escapism.

The real happines is  one that you feel when you go to sleep, the calmness and peace  you feel in your head.

I have seen many people in India specially from conservative societies, these societies are excatly opposite to absolute freedom, they have many rules and no logic, I feel they are framed to firmly hold people from their    necks just the way people tie animals. These societies are very suffocating to stay in. Poeple don’t even have the freedom to think. The basic idea of such societies is ‘do this or follow this because I have told so.’ Absoluetly ego centric and hierarchy oriented settings, where each suffers but still waits for their turn to dominate. 

 I have seen people living s dual life from these societies who drink, smoke and even do drugs and call them selves free, they just do these things to pamper their suppressed egos. I wish to ask women of such families specially the poor daughter in laws, can you open you cupboad and pick a piece of clothing and wear whatever you feel, no matter how short it is? Can you eat or go wherever you want to? No you can’t.. The men I want to ask, can you understand that your wife is an individual and that she is not an unpaid maid you ordered from some shaadi marraige bureau? Can you tellyour parents to give you space?  Again the ans is no. So I know for sure you are not free to choose then why are you getting into smoking and whatever and adding more things of which you are a salve?
Absolute freedom is a concept that is very neccesary to understand so that your life can be what you dreamed of, so you can offer a life to your loved ones the one  that they deserve. 

Otherwise life will be like these photographs, you can see from far it is beautiful but there will be always hinderances just like the bars in the photographs. You will never be able to reach it because your mind is not free. And yes the otherside is so much better. 

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