Well, Its Sunday again… Any difference from regular weekdays? Not really.. Everyday is the same for a full time mother during vacations. I am not writing in a way of complain, its just a way of life. If you look at the bright side I enjoy being in my pajamas till noon, when did I last do that? Maybe in college. Sometimes I do not have track of the date. A friend recently asked me  “what do you do the whole day with your son in the holidays?” The answer is quite simple “nothing much yet me do everything” I love these days when we do not have to follow a structured routine. It is very good for a growing child to just enjoy the day with no time constraint.

The only new thing on Sunday in our home is that Mr. Holiday mode is home, thus on Sunday the televison is on forever thus we get a feeling that we are sitting in Manchester United stadium or a cricket stadium with the noise that these matches add on to our home where a toodler has started to sing and scream like a rockstar prodigy.

For me the kitchen in our house is my territory. I feel invaded just like a guy would feel when his wife enters his office and start using his office desk. When my husband started cooking earlier I could not sit or relax for a second because he would contantly want me to find the pot and pans, then the peeler etc etc, now that is not the case, at least he knows his way around the kitchen.

So this time I though,’oh well maybe I can sit , relax and start one of these 3 books I have bought which are lying on my desk.  Jane Austen, Shakespeare and Mr. Bergman are staring at me since few days wondering if I have bought then just to decorate my book shelf and to give myself an intellectual ego boost. Honestly I am dying to read them but just as do-it-all mom’s I am short of time.

So I thought,’well this is my time as husband’s minding the kitchen lets read’ I overlooked the fact that since Mr experimenting cooking was busy, I could not sit for a second as our son was too excited and curious to see what daddy was upto in the kitchen. I had to carry him as he wanted to take a look at the sauce being cooked. 

Soon he got bored so he went rushing on his small car, pushing it from room to room occasionally peeping into the kitchen.Ok this was my time to read, before I could start, husband shouts out for me,”have I done the tomatoes proper?”,  “wait check the onions” “is this much garlic fine?” Questions go on and on, I look irritated, so he rubs my ego, “oh but you are the masterchief”, I admit in terms of food I am a contol freak ( husband would be smerking if he reads this update , he would probably thinking,” Just food?) so I end up standing and helping through out..

Kitchen was smelling amazing…

Had these yumm pastas for dinner was thinking next time when husband cooks the same dish I will be able to relax..


Yes! he did let me relax and eat first and occupied our son with playing the ball, as I sat to relish this simple pasta dish full of flavours and pains.



(Serves 2)


1 kg of ripe tomatoes blanched

1 onion

7-8 cloves of garlic finely chopped

1 aubergine finely chopped

1/2 cup tomato puree ( optional)
Few leaves of basil

Salt, pepper and chili flakes for seasoning 

2 tbsp of olive oil


Remove the skin of tomatoes, chop them and keep them aside.

In a pot heat the oil, add the onions and garlic. Cook for 2-4 mins or till the onions are pink.

Add the chilli flakes and aubergines. Cook for another 4 mins or till the aubergines are crispy.

Add the basil, chopped tomatoes and tomato puree. season it.
cook for about 5 minutes.

Once the sauce is done mix it with pasta of your choice and serve hot.

Tip: from Marco White the great, he aways cooks his pasta in water one minute less than the time given on the packet. He cooks the last minute in the sauce. I learnt this from one of his Masterclass on Masterchef Australia. This is a great tip for cooking pasta. And remember one thing expert cooks and expert pasta eaters will make or eat their pastas Aldente only. overcooking is only for toodlers and babies to eat and cook.

P.s. Have started reading Bergman, I am spellbound by his personality, simplicity, his art, thought process, dedication, passion and his honesty. Yes he is a difficult and contradictory personality but I Appreciate this genuis for being himself. 


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