My son’s favourite word these days is “no”. May be its the terrible twos, may be its just him.

Anything I ask him is NO.

As he wakes up, lets change your daiper “no no ”

After some persuasion that is done. Then chalo time for your boiled egg ( which he loves) ” no no no” 

Want to take a bath ” no no”

Take your clothes off “no no”

Chalo lets get out of water “no no”

Lets get dressed ” no no”

So finally half dressed just in his diapers and shorts, I give up. I decide to let him play…

Zoom from one room to another bare chest he runs then back then again gets a car then back zoom…

So I decide well he doesn’t need me, let me try this new lens my cousin gave me.

So I arrange, take my camera in my hand and about to click like a storm he comes and disrupts everything, pushes away and starts screaming “muomma muomma” for attention.His expression were very  possessive,  how can my mother my sole property give her attention to anything else?

So I told him ” oh but you are mylittle  assistant. Want to help me with this photograph?”

Suddenly he became very attentive. He asks pointing towards the pickled mango jar ” there there” 

” yes! mr assistant” I replied. 

Being aware of his job, he held my camera cover, another spare cloth and was curiously looking as I was clicking. Then he volunteered to hold the jar, which I did not want him to,  he insisted so I clicked rest of the photos with his hand in the photograph.

Then I told ” ok assistant pack up”

So he helped me wind up. Later I showed him the photographs and told him “wow! Kabir! we did a wonderful job, we are a team, high fi .” He got so excieted and jumped so high in the air to do the high fi. 

A lesson learnt, there are different ways to tackle a child, I could have easily said ” go away you are disturbing me, you are a naughty boy.” Short term he would have been controlled and I would be back to work but it would have hurt him. Half an hour’s  work would take just 5 mins but when I look back we both had fun, I actually loved the way he wanted to see and check every photograph clicked on my camera screen.

My little assistant helping me out 🙂

How these mangoes came into our home is another story.

Few sundays back I had gone to the old city to click photographs.

There was a man roaming with his suitcase on the road. Some one was shouting to him ” Get out! Don’t  come back.”

The man with the suitcase roaming in the streets

I got curious, I wanted to know his story. The vegetable vendors where looking towards him and talking. I intruded ” su thayu che ane (what’s happened to him)? Suddenly the men stopped talking. The vendor tells me “nothing, nothing we are just minding our business.” He thought I was some detective or reporter. 

So I told him ” anyways give me those mangoes” 

My long lost brother.. ha ha ha..

He got excited as he was packing them, he blabbered the whole story of that man that he had come from no where, he has been roaming in the streets since a month, apparently poor chap was mentally unstable and thus everyone threw him out. Poor soul.

Now that I had become his customer by buying 3 mangoes, he had become my caring big brother he tells me, ” sister, you be careful of him. Stay away, he makes up stories, you just dont talk to him.” I was looking at the man with the suitcase who was now roaming outside the temple, the vendor tells ” don’t, don’t even look at him” ha ha thats my old city. Once they get friendly they consider you their  relative. So much warmth.

Now I had 3 mangoes in my fridge so I pickled them. Its very easy.

Cut the mangoes into slices Take a jar add the mangoes and fill it with water.Add lots of salt and one tsp of turmeric. Leave for few days till the peal of the mango changes its color.

After 3 days I had 3 pickled mangoes and a long lost brother in the streets of  my old city. Lolz…


  1. One smart mama! Isn’t it funny that we say no, no, no when we’re little but when we’re all grown up, we can’t seem to say no to anything!

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