We Indians are know for our bad manners. Has anyone travelled in public transport? How you get in and get out you don’t know. Its automatic loading and unloading. One push you are in, another you are out. 

Born in such a heavily populated country, from a very early age we learn one thing, if you want anything done here learn to push in.

From taking a parking to standing in line to entering a road to buying things to entering a door all we do is cut someone off or push around. 

There is so much pushing even in getting on a bus which takes you to the aeroplane at the airport. Arrey bhai..everyone’s seats are already assigned plus the plane will not take off leaving you behind, but pushing has become a  habit. We forget to think and just push all the time, its a mechanical activity.

Driving a car here means having a 360 degrees vision. Anyone can cut from anywhere and just joint the road. I joke driving on our roads here is survival of the fittest. If you are waiting for someone to leave the parking to get a spot, one has to be vigilant, it is a full possiblity that a 3rd car will come skidding in and take your spot.

Never the less thats us. A lot of it is because of the lack of education. But I am noticing a change and I like it. We are changing, ok the change is in baby steps but yes we are!

One time at a mall, some old people where coming out and I held the door for them, after them people just kept on coming, few seconds later people are just pushing out, 3 young boys saw me holding the door but decided to rush out, no one allowed me to enter.

Here I am holding the door  irritated. I am brought up with the idea that there is no gender difference and if there is it is in the matter of courtsey where women always come first. I shrugged and left this glass door, it went swinging, bamm! hit on the head of one of the boys, he held his head in disbelief, the other two boys suddenly looked at me in a mixed feeling of shock and anger. The one who was hit goes “what the hell? Su chee..”he looked at me he stopped speaking. I snapped back “what the hell?” And sternly added ” Am I your doorman?” The one who was hit, scratching  his head “sorry mame” he looks at his friends and tell them ” sorry bol sorry bol” the other two nodding their heads ” sorry..sorry” they looked down. They stood there froozen at the door as I walked past them telling them to let a lady go first next time. After I reached a turning where they could not see me, I laughed myself out.

Thats how we Indians are we need a whack on our heads if we are doing something wrong. I feel slowly the arrogance is going away, most of the times people do alter their behaviour when pointed out.

Instead of complaining try correcting. There are different ways of telling people not always you need to put up a fight.

This other time I was standing in a medical store, it was jam packed with people and they were low on staff. Everyone was standing in a  cramped place, no one was pushing but I could feel the urgency, everyone was in a hurry as it was a no parking zone outside the shop and just like me everyone had parked the vehicle there. A big bulky guy came with gold chains and rings, 3 shirt buttons where open, he had worn a silk type wired printed shirt in the hot Indian summer. He started pushing and shouting from the back” axe effect chocolate chocolate..walu..axe” he wanted a deodorant, good thing he realised he needed one but he went on pushing every one. An old lady who was slowing trying to explain her medicines to the chemist dropped her file because of his pushing, oh what chaos he created!  He almost reached the counter, another man got angry and he pushed him back, ” su che tane, whats you problem? we all are waiting” suddently I though if there is a fight, being the little person I am, I will be the first to be squeezed so I intervened, I told the man who got angry, “let him go may be he wants to buy julab ni dava (diarrhoea medicine) bicharo jaldi mai che (poor guy is in hurry), suddenly the man who was angry cooled down and said mockingly ” ja ja bhai ” Insisted to everyone to give way, everyone mockingly made way for his royal highness and this shameless fellow after buying his deo, did not dare look at anyone rushed out and everyone was laughing at him. Another person in the crowd ” thank god you let him go, he needs a deo” the chemists who were rushing took a mini few seconds break laughed, then back to work. Hopefully next time Mr. Chocolate flovour deo with a stinky attitude and stinky odour will not repeat the same behaviour, hopefuly.

Well I am hopeful, we will change…lets atleast try.  


With this fresh hope sharing a fresh summer pasta dish, its  a salad very quick to make and it is  to be eaten cold. I took it along to the farm house when we went for a swim. It was refresing to eat in the heat.


Serves 4 

2 cups penne pastas

2 medium size tomatoes roughly chopped 

Few basil leaves 

3 cloves of garlic 

10 cheery tomatoes cut half

6-7 pine nuts

1/2 cup pamesam cheese 

3/4 cup olive oil

1 hot red chilie  

Salt pepper, finely chopped basil and chili flakes for seasoning


Cook the pastas and keep a side.

In a mixer grinder take all ingredients (except cherry tomatoes) and make a smooth paste. Add extra olive oil if needed.

Mix this paste with the cooked pastas add cherry tomatoes season it and chill it. 

Eat with garlic bread, bruschetta or as it is. 


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