I was passing by this shop on a Sunday morning,  this boy was organising things in the shop. He did not seem very happy, his movement was very slow, lethargic and bored. He gave me a feeling that probably he did not want to  work as it was Sunday or may be he did like to work in the shop at all or may be he did not like the bossy man who was ordering him in a rude tone. Who knows what his story is.


A shop boy in the old city
This boy reminded me of Pip from Great Expectations. If some one asked me to draw Pip from my imagination, I would think of Pip to look like him, its not only the look of this boy, its the feeling I got from him when I was clicking his photograph.

Just as Pip found working at Joe’s to be less of him as he wanted Estella’s aproval. May be this boy also has great expectations.

One very important thing I have learnt  from this book, if we expect too much from life me can never appreciate what we have got. Most of the times what we have is good, its just comparisions and expectations that has messed up the  mind and because of that one cannot appreciate what one has got today.   

One thought on “ITS SUNDAY, DO I HAVE TO WORK?

  1. true!!! everybody born with tremendous background to live here. problem is rather than removing we always add in to this 🙂

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