When I visited my old city this Sunday to take photographs of the heritage buildings, I saw these boys sitting on the bench typically called Otlo, in my language Gujarati. Sitting on the otlo is a tradition in colonies in India, children, women, men, senior citizens will sit in their groups chit chat, catch up and laugh together. 

These boys where sitting on this bench outside their houses, they were in joy,enjoying their silly talks and teasing each other without any worry in the world.

 I wondered what will happen to these boys when they grow up as I was remembering my carefree school days. Some of these boys will remain life long friends, some of their paths will change along the way, some will meet up may be once or twice a year and some will not talk to each other for years for some silly reason they fell off which they don’t even remember the reason. 

As I was thinking, I remembered my old school days when me and my friends use to laugh on a silly thing for hours sometimes days. No agendas, no planning, no care, only thing mattered where friends. All day we pondered on silly things which were so important that time like how that boy who wore a red shirt smiled at me. ” you think I will meet him again? Because I am so sure this time it is love at first sight”… Never ever did I meet that boy again..

Now when I meet my old friends it pains me to see that they have lost their fun jovial self in the journey of  life. I want to tell everyone to keep that fun side of yourself no matter what. Think about it, sometimes people are so caught up they become boring, they have forgotten to laugh like children.

Its fun to laugh out silly that your stomach hurts, when did you last do that?

I do it all the time with my family. Thanks to our mom, we laugh all the time. This is one of the best gift she has given us, the joy of laughter.

Just 2 days back me and mom laughed so hard remembering a  funny scene from an old hindi movie Padosan where Bhola was faking his death to stopthe heroine’s   marraige,  his aunt finds out and starts sobbing on his chest and her curly hair goes inside one of  his nostril, just as he is about to sneeze his friends saves him in time and moves his head on the other side as his friend continues sobbing act, full overacting ” Bhola…huh huh..bhole”, it was so funny,  remembering the scene, as we acted out literally,  me and mom laughed so hard my stomach was paining, we could not get up from the sofas just lauging like crazy, water was coming from our eyes, we though we would throw up our dinner as we could not stop laughing. My son could not understand the joke but just seeing us laugh he started  laughing so loud..our home was echoing with laughter, I had the best time. Thats how homes should be.

Our mom has given us one of the most precious gift, the gift of homour. As a family we are so observant and we laugh at everything and every body. When other familes are frustrated because the flight got cancelled we as a family would sit and laugh at some silly thing one of us did.We tease each other over everytime, no one is spared, everything is to be laughed upon. We laugh even at our fights, they did not seem funny then but after sometime when the fire has died down we laugh about it, we laugh at the person who did the drama, we laugh at the one who reacted and eventually we laugh at each other and learn to forgive each other.

Best gift you can give your self is to laught at own self, it will help you to move on and let go of many things you can’t do otherwise

Try it out, laugh like a child, be silly, share a joke or watch a funny movie nothing better than that in life. 


    1. Yes that is what I was thinking. At the old city everyone lives like there is no internet, thats what I love about it… They are so warm and interactive 😊

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