When I started learning photography, on one of the outdoor classes we went to the old city of Ahmedabad. Its the old part of my city which I had never visited earlier inspite of staying here since birth. Now I love this part of the city and miss not being able to go there after my son’s birth. Its time I need to visit it with my camera.


This vehicle was always parked in this narrow lane
I remember the first day I visited, I was trembling like a new Indian bride. The traffic, the choas, the crowd, dogs, cows, open gutters. In fact that time for me to cross the road was a task as any one, any thing could come from anywhere. But once my camera was in my hand and I started clicking pictures, as if I went in a trance… it was just the subject and me… as if the rest did not matter, everything else was moving in slow motion with no noise…

As I miss those days in the old city I remember two funny incidents that  happened during my next visits…

One day as me and my teacher were walking in the narrow lanes of pols, busy clicking pictures. I felt something moist on the calf of my right leg, as I look down to my horror I see a street dog licking my pants.. Ha!ha! I leaped into somebody’s house before the dog decided to pee on me…it was so funny.. At the moment when I realised the dog was licking, I though he is definetly going to bite me, in those mili seconds I imagined myself visiting the doctor and getting 14 injections.. Ha ha but nothing happened and I told myself ” All izz well… All izz well..” 😊


sharing the same photo in color
Another time as we were clicking photos two boys where staring at us since past few minutes , standing at the local panwala. They were internally discussing some thing about us.

One is red baggy pants and bright school bus  yellow shirt asks the other one who was in full sleeves velvet tshirt in peak indian summer worn over extra tight jeans which were way longer than his height that were gathered near his snickers…” You ask” “no you ask” ” you ask”. As I was overhearing, I finally asked with a hand gesture. They took a step towards me asking in a funny accent ” Which country?” I was looking blankly towards the question, I  did not get it…they took another step towards us ” county? Which country?” I tried to control my laughter, I answered in our local language ” satellite ( its a part of our city Ahmedabad)  if you want to call it a country..” Then I busted out laughing on their faces, poor boys they were so embarrassed one of them, ” sorry ben (sister)…tame toh…heh..” Next time when ever I go they wave and I wave them back.. 

So is our old city its a totally diffent world but once you are part of it, it always stays in your heart. 


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