Miguel de Cervantes giving tribute to Don Quixote and Sancho Panza writes warm words about Bacelona city. 

He wrote

 “treasure house of courtsey, heaven of  strangers, asylum of the poor,home of vallant, champion of the wronged, pleasant exchanges of firm friendships, unrivalled in site and beauty! Thought certain adventures that befell me in this city could well be lameneted. I do not regret them in the least simply because I had the good fortune to see it.” 

Yes bang on! That is the feeling I have for Bacelona, a city where I left my heart behind.

Barcelona is known for its free spirit, food, amazing architecture and for its arts and culture. For me it has everything…

Whenever the weather is a bit chilly and breezy in my city, it reminds me of my 15 month old baby playing with sand on the Bacelona beach and me sitting next to him feeling the breeze in my hair.

They say if you drink water from the La Rambla’s fountain you are sure to visit again, I did not get a chance to do that but for me 3 days were too short to feel and explore Barcelona, hence a next visit is a must for me, plus I have to visit the city to walk on the steets and take photographs. During this visit with my baby in my arms carrying him or running behind him, I could not take photographs all the time.

I felt blended in Barcelona, so many locals would come up to me and start talking in spanish, not realising that I was not spanish, just by gestures and the way they smiled, I could figure out gist of their conversations, I would smile, nod and say gracia, it worked all the time…

Another incident I remember,my son was playing outside on the side walks of the beach with my husband and tripped, I was shopping inside. Suddenly I hear my son screaming, by the time I ran to him, his upper lip was bleeding, we pour water on it and I dabbed a tissue, he was still howling and in pain, so to divert him and get some fresh air I take him and sit on a bench on the beach. I started talking to him and showing him water, sky etc. In seconds he stops crying, he was in pain but started looking around.  His eyes were still watery, as his last tear fell on my wrist, a realisation hit me, he stopped crying when he felt secure in his mother’s lap.

I realised for any child the securest place in the world is his mother. Sitting on that bench in Barcelona, I got assured that I am doing it right, it doesn’t matter what I am losing out profession wise cause I am sure I am not losing out on my son’s childhood. 

Sagrada Familia’ Gaudi’s church, with our baby napping I could not take pictures or see it properly but whatever I could, it is magnificent
Gaudi’s church from far away on a clif
Bacelona football statium, what a club ! what history!!
I love the straight angular spanish balconies , they are so well designed they solve thier purpose and still keeps the basic structure clean visually

this blue has inspired me to colour our house door blue
the columbus square, this is the first things I noticed of the city as came from the airport
oh look ! we did find Nemo 😊

this creative flooring made from all Industiral parts reminded me of Atlas Shrugged …


  1. Lovely photos – Barcelona is on my travel wish list! Thanks for following my blog, Le Chic En Rose 🙂 I am now also following yours and will look forward to reading your posts, best wishes Rosemary 🙂

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