Great expectations….
A timeless read..

It took me months to finish this book, it has so much content ! Every line has something to say, it has so many layers. It takes time to read it, understand it, to relate, to ponder and learn from it. Amazing read, great lesson on life.

Novels today are not written in such depth.This story, these characters apply even today. Street lanterns are replaced by solar street lights, horse carts by fast cars, meadows by concrete, candles by electricity but human thinking, reactions, desires, weakness,vulnerability, desperations, temptations and expectations are still the same. We humans have been the same from centuries. Its a great book to learn lessons of life and understand human psychology as each character has been described so well, I feel I know someone like him or her, they are very relatable.
Expectations are the reason we get into problems most of the time. As human beings it’s our  nature’s weakness of having  great expectations from the others.


how often is the yourger generation judged as expectations are not met


Whether it is the parents who expect from their children to chase after their unfulfilled dreams without realising what their children really want to be.
Or the inlaws who want their daughter-in-law to become their clone with out understanding that poor girl has her own identity or expecting her to take up all the responsibilities with out understanding.
A daughter-in-law who expects from the mother-in-law to help her raise her children, why expect? If help is there its a bonus but the reality is its your child its no one’s job to help out.
Or people expecting their house staff to remember exactly the number of spoons of sugar in their cup of tea, expecting them to serve them at any hour, they forget they are no slaves and sometimes they need to rest.I always argue with people who expect their juniors to know everything, I tell them if they were so smart they would be in your place, don’t expect too much

All in all expecting too much from life,too many expectation in terms of money, intellectual achievements or social status.
If only people knew expecting too much from your near and dear ones will only push them away and disappoint you …

Think about it how many relations have been spoilt specially in our indian social structure just because the other person expectations were too much, we need to understand people’s personal spaces and respect it.


expecting too much for self is also a kind of pressure …sometimes we need to let it go

I know someone who is not talking to me cause I did not invite her 9 month old grandchild to my sons 2nd birthday party its hilarious!,, she sulks even after months, I have to control my laughter when ever I see her, why expect so much? How much time is been wasted in meaningless expectations?who is getting upset behind that?  Its always the person expecting..

People expecting from others show a major character flaws in them as it shows a dependent personality as they do not want to be responsible, they do not want to do anything themselves…
When a person is self sufficient mentally, emotionally, financially and physically, then the problem of great expectations doesn’t arise and they tend to be happier than the other people who have a tendency of expecting.

The problem with expectations is its like an illness, if not cured it keeps on increasing and starts getting unreasonable, due to this the other person doing things for you feels what ever is done is taken for granted and new expectations are greater than ever.

Eventually Pip, in Great Expectations learned this the hard way but at least he realised and he altered his life, many times people waste a life time expecting from others getting disappointed and then blaming them…

Its time to rise above this and change for your own self cause eventually everyone wants to be happy and content 🙂



  1. I’m pretty sure I started that book about 4 times over 5 years before I managed to finish it. My favourite dickens though would have to be A Tale of Two Cities! Thank you for your words and thoughts. Keeping life simple with fewer expectations is so much pleasanter i agree!

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