Last week was rather funny… As all parents know raising a toddler is unpredictable, just when you think all izz well, something totally unexpected happens like child might decide not to take his naps, fall ill or decide not to eat his regular meals or suddenly he doesn’t want to do what he loves doing like going to play at his favourite park …and just when a sense of relief has got into your system, it is filled with confusion and exhaustion…then comes days when every thing goes smooth from his stomach to sleep to school suddenly all goes well 🙂

I guess parenting for me is like an adventure not the scary one, the one where I never know what’s coming tomorrow, the surprise of everyday something new will happen along with the excitement to see a baby who could not even roll on its own has now figured out to dismantle the toilet safety clip…I have to be on my toes around him but at the end of the day it’s extremely satisfying to see when your child has a sense of self 🙂

two funny incidents happened back to back…

one night as I was fast asleep, dreaming. My dreams are pretty clear most of the times, maybe it’s the exhaustion that makes my sleep so deep. In my dream I was sailing in the ocean, listing to music, enjoying the water suddenly there is commotion, I can hear my son…I am still very much in the dream, then an air bag explodes, my boat collapse….before I realise what has happened and reason out the logic of a boat and air bag, like inception I am awakened, this time not by creating a fall…by my son hitting me with his pillow, I was sure it was really late…I could not believe he was up…he was in full mood,rolling, laughing, playing with his pillow which my friend has gifted him..at this movement I suspect my friend must have told him ” hit this to mama and wake her up when u need something…”

First realisation son is happy and laughing, I am happy to see him enjoying, telling my self ” at least he is not crying that a good thing ” Slowing I check the time..to my shock it’s 3.45 a.m. ! I poke mr. Snoring loudly and show him the scene, he can’t believe it as well, our son is least bother, he continues rolling, now he throwing his blanket up and trying to catch. He doesn’t realise we are up so, mr. Daddy cool tells me, ” pretend to be asleep, he will get bored and eventually sleep” sounds like a plan…

few minutes pass son is getting more energetic…after playing with the toys in the room and opening random drawers he opens the room door and runs in our living…no worries in the world, not afraid of the dark or an empty house. I give up and run behind him…I tell mr. Working hard at factory to sleep. Outside in the living I decide not to interact much with him so soon he shall sleep…but he had his own plans he runs from one room to another making sounds like he is speaking some sort of desi Chinese language…I give up start the television and watch an episode of Big Bang theory…as I laugh in my head  (no energy to laugh out loud), I wonder if there was a theory to put him to sleep.

Soon light has started to enter the house…I can’t believe its 6 and my son’s energy levels are the same. After all attempts to put him to sleep have failed I wake up mr. Daddy cool. I beg him ” do what u want swing, stroller, car please help to put him to sleep”,  finally hubby take our son for a car ride, I crash in the bed…after some time I hear the door open, I hold my breath , happy to see our son sleeping on my exhausted husband’s shoulder…phew! It’s 6.45 …not to forget son gets up in 45 minutes to drink milk…but later as papa leaves for work both of us manage to sleep till 10.00 without any worry of the world 🙂

After two days the night was easy,  morning till lunch everything was super cool so I anticipate that by 1.30 son should sleep and soon I will get my rest…ok may be I said it too early, something else was planned…man proposes God disposes.

After lunch son was jumping and running in the house, suddenly I get a wave of familiar smell…ok code brown situation…son refuses to come to me he though I was playing catch with him.. As soon as  I would say ” chal baby, let’s clean up.” Off he ran..on his push car…smirking and laughing, after 20-25 minutes I tempt him with something manage to lie him on his changing station just as I am about to powder him, he escapes pointing towards the animals on his wall, as he tests my animal knowledge I somehow put on the diaper…he flees, still shorts to wear…as he is rolling on the mattresses ( no beds allowed in our house) I put on the shorts,now he is laughing and in some over excited mood…

The way he is running I want to warn him but I bit my tongue, I decide not to encourage him…with broom in one hand he decides to jump from one mattress to another..I intervene ” please be carefull you will fall, baba”  he is on a roll another 5 minutes he is still jumping and rolling, suddenly he falls on his head just 1 foot near me…I see him fall but can’t catch him.

He is howling, screaming, first I check no blood, thank god, he is screaming and turned all red as I am pressing his head and checking his head…he starts to throw up, I rush him to the bathroom, puke all over both of us, he stops crying, I put him in the bathtub.. As I bathe him, check his head ” all Izz well” he shows me his dimply smile ..I breathe a sense of relief

Son rolling and jumping ...
Son rolling and jumping …

With puke all over, no time to shower I quickly change, as I wonder how puke managed to reach in remote places which take minutes to reach after lots of unbuttoning …Lolz..

I feed my son in the bath tub as all his lunch was on my shirt, now his laughter is back…he decides to play splash! splash! he wets my denim and giggles, I laugh back, dress him. By now he is exhausted so doesn’t resist. I decide to take him for a car ride, fastest way to put him to sleep.

I leave the house in semi wet denim, pulled out a miss matched winter top, uncombed hair smelling of baby cologne and puke,hoping no one sees me or come near me, on second though if someone saw me they would not be able to recognised me.

As I drive the car out of our gate and join the main road, son is fast asleep, poor baby! He looked so tired, sleeping with mouth half-open.

As I carry him towards the elevator one of our neighbours is existing it, he shouts in excitement ” sui gayo ( slept off)? I wanted to punch him for shouting so loud, I don’t answer..

I put my son in his bed…it’s 3.50 in the afternoon, I realise my lunch is left and stomach is growling, I make this pita wrap from last nights leftovers, take a quick photography,  eat it so fast, I literally swallowed it!


Stole husband’s boxers , most comfortable clothing to sleep in, sleep next to my son. We slept like babies, he being the one and me learning to let go of everything and sleep like him…

I hugged him and slept with the  mobile far away in the purse with no track of time, I get up at 6.15 in the eve with son snoring next to me. With some 8 missed calls,I start the evening fresh to face the next adventure.

After becoming a mother I realised some days are exhausting but then the same days we get our windows of rest, provided we don’t get distracted with meaningless associations or by giving priorities to unnecessary things. Even an hour nap is good enough to charge us …

For long days like these I love to make such quick lazy recipes…

Burnt salsa..so quick & easy..tomatoes, onions, garlic, capsicum greased put in open till they are burnt on the edges...blend them and season accordingly..
Burnt salsa..so quick & easy..tomatoes, onions, garlic, capsicum greased put in open till they are burnt on the edges…blend them and season accordingly..

Mediterranean delite

Recipe : ( from Asha Khatau)

( serves 2)

2 six inch pita bread ( slit to make pockets)

1/2 cup hummus

1/2 cup grilled vegitables

Olive oil and balsamic dressing

salt and pepper to taste


Line the inside of pita with hummus

toss the vegitables with olive oil and balsamic

Season with salt and pepper

spoon the mixture into the pita pockets.

Eat immediately

P.s. As I am updating images on this post, son is lying in my lap and drinking his late night milk…wow!  I have become a superb multitasker 😉


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