With the internet and 3G not working, same time our set-top box decides to die an untimely death, it probably died due to overdose of sports and news…

I felt like back to school days without any homework to do. With my phone’s whatsapp out-of-order I felt my city friends where living in another city, friends living in different cities felt like they moved to another time zone and friends and relatives living on different continents gave me a feeling that they had gone to visit p.k. ka gola  (another planet).,,Lolz

With Mr. S dancing on my head as he had nothing to do during the forced holidays due to the disturbances in the city (not cool to everyone involved in the disturbances)..

I could not bear the husband’s anxiety thus next day morning without checking the time I call a set-top box engineer who had given me his number to call him in the hour of need. When this person was giving me his number I recollect telling him, “well they do have a customer care number..” He insists, I felt rather odd, I felt he was just bit chapla (over wise) I still take his number….he asks me to give him a missed call…which obviously I don’t..

In my defence reason for calling him, with no internet and no set-top box working could not get hold of the customer care number, so calling the engineer felt the easier option. The phone rings…this man picks up…”I ask him is this so and so company?” ..he says “yes( rudely) asks what is the problem..” I continue…he starts yelling in proper Gujarati kathiyawadi ascent, ” to stop talking, I should not be calling…sawarna paur mai laap na karo ne…phone muko…( shut up and put the phone down) I was speechless he slammed the phone, I felt like irritating him more by calling him and telling him” why you did not let me put the phone down, when you told me too instead you put.?” But I did not, cause it wouldn’t be funny if he had fired a series of swear words.

I look at the time it’s 8.45 in the morning..I recieted this entire incident to mr. Mourning the loss of his poor set- top box…he laughs and tells me ” good he yelled, u cannot call some one at this hour..I argue, ” it’s not the time, it’s bad timing..maybe I called when he just got a firing from his wife for behaving badly with her brother on Rakhi which was a day before…ha ha ..”

with set-top box problem unsolved to add to the gadget failures, my phone falls  sick , it is partly functioning…

I ask my father to help me get it repaired, fiddling with the phone dad asks me, ” what’s wrong with it,again?”

” Seems like bollywood virus.”

Dad confused looks thought his spectacles

I tell him, ” apparently phone decides to take bajrangi bhaijan’s ( salman khan’s) advice too seriously…it only takes selfies…ha ha ha…I bust out laughing the joke don’t amuse dad…he continues to try his hand on my phone…

speaking about selfies I would really want to smack everyone who takes pouting selfies and put it up on internet for public view to torcher good aesthetics loving citizens like me….most of the time I see these samples pop up on my  facebook page as people you may know…please..I do not want to know them…

about pouting selfies…why it’s a big noo…

  1. They look like you are coming out of the computer screen to kiss..doesn’t look cool looks repulsive.
  2. it looks like one is constipated and this is one of the many faces one makes while giving it a go..
  3. before uploading a pouting selfie please do the pose and check in the mirror then put it on public forums for people to tolerate
  4. the trend of pouting selfies has been started by actresses who are genetically blessed with good looks and their very competent plastic surgeons have managed to take out few natural flaws they had, plus they know their camera angles thus their pouting selfies are manageable.
  5. men following this bandwagon please don’t…not only do you look repulsive, constipated and like a double chinned bhojpuri actress in a man’s wig, you also look like an orangutan who was not allowed to go out and play…plus showing the whole world your bedroom face…eeks! super turn off.!.

I wanted to share this to all the teenagers and college bacchas to teach them some sense of  aesthetics, what looks good and what doesn’t …so others don’t take it personally and if you are not in college and still clicking kisswali selfies…what can I say to an adult child…then one doesn’t have it to understand…

rest of us take as many selfies you want, capture the precious movements of life…life is one time offer, make the most of it…

Infact it’s great that we can click selfies cause now we don’t need to go to random strangers to get our photos clicked 🙂

I remember this place so beautiful I did not even bother to connect to the I miss technology...good thing bad thing don't know but it's an important part in our lives...
I remember this place so beautiful I did not even bother to connect to the world…rest I miss technology…good thing bad thing don’t know but it’s an important part in our lives…


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