As I was having Indian  coffee in my Moka pot from Italy, reading and making notes…I realised I took our Prime Minister’s requested too seriously, he asked us to use make in India products … I made pastas at home so technically they are make in India.  😉

Evening coffee on my balcony swing :-)

Using make in India products are hard as it’s a global world but most of my clothes I wear even if bought abroad are make in India or make in neighbour’s country… Ha ha I am a true patriot!!

Ever since I started following Masterchef Australia I always wanted to make pastas at home but they seemed like an impossible task. My aunt was visiting us from london and she had asked if I wanted anything. I asked if she could bring me a pasta maker, she told me she had one at home which she never used, I asked to bring it along. I never knew it weighed so heavy!!.. I was so overwhelmed that she  carried all the way to India.

Few years back with one extremely messy failed attempt I packed the pasta maker and almost forgot about it.

Finally one saturday night hubby was out, son was fast asleep nothing interesting to watch on television … I started watching videos on youtube on how to make homemade pasta…

Had all the ingredients and all the time in the world it was just 11.00 p.m., with no signs of sleep plus a vow taken years back in college never to sleep early on a Saturday matter what..just did not feel sleepy. Even during exam time, I would be up watching cookery shows eating dehydrated noodles, day dream at night how one day I will be in college would be having night outs but no way would I sleep early….

I had to try my hand on homemade pasta.. I made the dough.. It needed to rest for 30 minutes ….decided  to make the pasta the next day

watched an episode of big bang theory for the fifth time … Laughed on the same jokes for the 10 th time ( extra 5 times is when I repeat them with my sister or hubby)

after that had to make the pastas was not sleepy at all infact was too excited,

thus put on some slow hindi songs, was looking like the shabbiest chef on earth with miss matched pyjamas and flour everywhere…tried my hands on the pastas…

After few atempts finally manged to fix the pasta maker…with the manual in one hand I was anticipating another disaster… But to my surprise I was in some awesome work flow ( maybe it where the dreamy songs that where helping) the pastas were turning out fine.. I was feeling on top of the world.. Like a contestant on master chef who had a good day and was going to make the dish of the day..

my trance got distubed with son howling and me rushing to put him to sleep by feeding him milk…

by now all the pastas were hanging to dry on all the odd places in the kitchen…

I only needed to refrigerate them…wow what a night.!!!.. I enjoyed every movement of it!!!

Next  day it was pasta meals,  thin spaghetti pesto for lunch and flat fettuccine..for dinner..


I am proud of my self that i made home made pastas but irony is that i still cannot make a round soft roti 😜 ( may be the roti problem is because one of my relative demeaned my education by telling me once, “you are an Indian girl no matter how much u study you have to make round rotis and serve your in laws” 😡) till today I cannot make a good roti as I am a born rebel cannot do anything if its a pressurised or expected… I am glad my baby has also got my free rebel spirit … 🙂 So to conclude I  can make pasta from scratch in India but cant make an indian roti ha ha.. I always joke if there is a concept like reincarnation, in my earlier birth I must have been an Italian for sure😊 mamaiya….Italiano…pasta…mol to bene…perfecto…tuto bene…


Below is the recipe of the mixture of this home made pastas which I have come up with after one great kitchen disaster with lots of cleaning and ants feasting on the sticky flour made few years back…

1 cup semolina flour

2 cups all purpose flour

1 egg

salt to taste

1 tbsp olive oil ( optional)

mix all of it into a dough ( binding the dough will take good. 6-8 minutes)

make sure to rest for at least   30 minutes

make the pasta with the help of a pasta maker

let the pasta dry for 30 minutes before refrigerating them.

cooking  time of these pastas is very less max 5 minutes.

enjoy…Buon Appetito 🙂


  1. Congratulations! I have never tried to make pasta, because it is so daunting and I can get whatever I want at the store! You should be proud of successfully trying to make it a second time.

  2. So cool. I have never made homemade pasta, but have heard it is a :learned skill” and takes patience. And you DID it! 🙂
    Have also heard that nothing quite compares with homemade pasta.
    And what a sweet Aunt you have! 🙂

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