These pastas go back in memory lane.. I remember mom making them when i was a teenager. She made it from an Italian cook book she had. 

During my late teens I use to study for chartered accountancy exams and after those long study hours for dinner she would make these pastas to cheer me up and keep my hardworking. spirit, I would always over eat them… I still over eat these ones. 

I love the colors in these pastas. Corn and green onions are not exactly italian but who cares they taste yumm and pastas with a twist are nice for a change 😋

Mom makes these in penne. Maybe its her love or its penne don’t know but they taste better😍 

I was feeling like a teenager so I ate them in my baby’s colorful bowl 😊

Recipe :


( serves 2)

1 cup boiled sweet corn

3 cup finely choped green onions

1 red pepper cut jullian 

1 yellow pepper cut julian 

4-5 sun dried tomatoes chopped

Basil and parsley for taste

Chille flakes according to taste

3-4 cloves of garlic finely chopped

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp butter

2 cups of cooked pasta

Salt and crushed black pepper to taste 


Heat the butter and olive oil. Once they melt add the garlic.

 After few seconds add the bell peppers. Once they soften add the corn, chille flakes parsly, basil, sundried tomatoes. Add the cooked pasta and green onions.

Season with salt and pepper. Do not over cook the green onions.

Sprinkle pamasan cheese and serve with garlic bread.

P.s. Be creative add zukini, broccoli what ever u feel like. Let it be colorful. 


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