I love the way pudine ki chuney plays a major role in the masterpiece “3 idiots.” What a way to deal with show off, price tag kind of people. Specially the scene when this person, Suhas is showing off and Rancho goes up to his fiancee and tell her not to get married to him as he is not a man but a chalta firta price tag and if she gets married to him he will irritate her all her life by telling her names of different brands and their prices. Then he says, ” Demo du???, uske jutte kitne ke hai? meih nahi puchinga woh khud mujhe batayega.” then he takes the pudine ke chutney from the waiter and drops it on Suhas’s shoes….this guy freaks out, he goes, ” pudine ke chutney on my 400$ dollar shoes!! he is shouting…hand stitched, italian leather and pudine ki chutney.” He is freaking out trying to wipe it with a tissue, so Rancho tells the girl, ” Bhagh advice hai lena hai toh lo warna jane do.” What a scene! So comically presented…even in the second half…Raju does the same thing drops pudine ki chuney on Suhas’s sherwani to prove that he is still a price tag. Mr. Raju Hirani you are simply Genius! Earlier I use to get irritated with such showoffs, but after this movie I simply laugh at them call them price tags and think of pudine ki chutney….
This recipe was given to me by my dad. He is too cute, he had gone to Goa for my sister’s pre wedding preparation, he went for dinner at Park Hayatt. He loved the pudina chutney so much he took the recipe from the chef there. He is such a sweet father, where ever he goes, he will bring things for us of our interest. He knew I keep on trying recipes so he got it for me. He is such a thoughtful person, we are always in his thoughts, he will get articles, books, photographs anything that will help us from his travels.
I am so thankful to him for having such a nice father who has helped me grow in my food photography and other creative adventures. Even when I was a child, I had phases like all children one day I wanted to become something then in a few months something else. What ever was on my mind he would help me to develop that particular interest that time. Plus he has amazing patience to listen to my crazy ideas. Even today if he finds a nice cutlery piece he will buy it for me or come across a good photograph or a book on photography or a article in the newspaper he bring it for me. If he is watching a food show and find it interesting he will call me and insist that I should watch it. Love you dad for all this and more

Below I am sharing a clip I edited specially for this blog…it’s really funny from the movie 3 idiots. For everyone who don’t understand Hindi sorry could not find footage with subtitles, never the less the visuals are really funny 🙂

Video of various uses of pudina(mint) chutney from the movie 3 idiots



3-4 cups pudina leaves
1 cup coriander leaves
1-2 tsp limbu ke phool
2 green chilies
2 tsp chat masala
1 1/2 tbsp peanuts
salt to taste


Mix all the ingredient into a smooth paste in a mixer. Add water to adjust the consistency of the chutney.


The coriander leaves should be 1:3 to the mint leaves.
This chutney tastes best when eaten in one day cause it decolors very fast.


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