Back home after an amazing break. Had wonderful experiences, visited beautiful places, met amazing people, experienced 3 different cultures and came finally back home…

I promise I will share more on that here soon.

But once home I needed to eat some traditional Indian food.

I needed to have some oily Indian spicy potatoes to satisfy my palette.

First day when we landed we were just crazy jet lagged. Our toddler slept on both the flights back home ( thank God for that !) but with him sleeping on me I could not sleep. I had an intuition that once we get home me and my husband are going to be crazy tired and our son is going to be wide awake and super excited to be home and enjoy the free space to run around. Well mom’s intuitions are always right ! Thus as expected we could not keep our eyes open and he could not stop running around in excitement. Finally at night when he slept off we passed out. I don’t remember what I eat.

The next day for lunch I decided to get started in my kitchen. Oh how I missed cooking  !

I cooked this potato sabji with their skin. These potatoes are some what an Indian version of potatoes wedges.

Simple home cooked food with a few ingredients. Ate it with a salad,that I make every day at home ,and with green coriander chutney and roti. A simple but perfect lunch after a long holiday.

This sabji is our favourite. I cook it when we want to eat simple food, I cook it when we have guests at home as it is requested by my friends. I have shared this simple recipe with so many…it’s very easy to cook as well…


Recipe for aloo sabji with fennel

Serves 4

Ingredients :

4 potatoes with their skin cut half and then cut into slices ( refer in the picture)

2 tbsp of oil

2 pinch of asafoetida

1 tsp of turmeric powder

2 tsp of chilli powder

1 tsp of mustard seeds

1 tsp do cumin seeds

1 tsp fennel seeds

imageMethod :

In a non stick pan heat the oil, add the asafoetida, mustard and cumin seeds.

Once they splutter add the fennel seeds, potatoes, chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt.

Mix them well, let them cook for 7 to 10 minutes or once the potatoes are cooked and crispy.

Serve with roti or rice.

2 thoughts on “GOOD TO BE BACK HOME

  1. Natasha, I remember the days of trying to keep up with a toddler and they were beautiful but exhausting. My kids are now 11 and 9 and can largely occupy themselves when I need a nap, although they sometimes get up to mischief mostly making mixtures in the kitchen. For a better or worse, electronic games have become a bit of a God send. xx Rowena

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