“The Lord is in your heart to find

wherever else do you wander?

in search of him in vain?

man does not understand that at all

busy in feeding himself ;

If you cannot find him in your own heart

How can you find him is smaller spheres?

The thirsty alone can find water to drink

without search how can he get ?

If your search in earnest

you get him in trice

If not how can you get?

Says Kabir, it’s difficult to achieve

Like walking on a razor’s edge

Or else you cannot realise God

As the Sadhguru did presage ” by Saint Kabir

This is my life theory I believe God is within me, in my heart, this is how I was raised, my parents believed the same. In my childhood I never visited temples to find God. My parents always taught me that God is with you thus always be honest and since he is with you always never fear anything and be truthful cause he is always watching you.

I strongly believe this, thus the motivation to go to a religious place in me is zero, in fact I never go. I am free from fear or guilt thus there is nothing that drives me to these places…I strongly feel God around me and that is what makes me an extremely secure person…

But being a photographer I find wonderful subjects to photograph outside religious places…thus once friends where visiting this particular temple in Rajasthan, I tagged along and when they were all visiting the inside of the temple I enjoyed taking these photographs ….in fact religious people whom I cannot relate to anymore have even called me nastik ( someone who doesn’t believe in the existence of God) as I don’t seem to be the typical Indian good girl who visits temples and talks about fasts, rituals or superstitions , what can I argue with Ignorant people? I move on…I find my peace in myself as I am a spiritual person and I have the freedom of this choice as I am not chained by rituals, I specially thank my mother for raising me in such an open and independent manner that I feel free everyday and in spite of not having any fear or guilt driving me still I have the freedom to do the right things and to be truthful as I know since God is within me, even the smallest thing I do need to be answered to my self and the God with in me, when you know this ultimate truth then truthfulness, honestly and a clear thinking gets imbibe in your system….

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10 thoughts on “THE LORD IS IN YOUR HEART

  1. you believe or don’t believe it does not matter to GOD, you go or don’t go it also doesn’t matter to GOD, maximum rituals human made so there is logic but that is not absolute truth. i liked your way of saying GOD is within everyone’s heart at that is what is reality, going temple and coming back unchanged or without any improvement is waste 🙂

    being said all this i also know the truth of rituals and mantras what we chant, everything is more scientific better than our imagination. problem is what we do or follow is distorted form.

  2. Brilliant photography very perceptive. Yes indeed the singular purpose of our life is to reach a point where we believe with full conviction that “Mai he Bhagwan hoon”” or God is within me. Yet there have trying moments when our minds waver and only with sadhna, seva and satsang can we strengthen our belief.

    Thanks and cheers 🙂

    1. Beautifully written Natty….u have written the absolute truth….wonderful photography….keep it up!

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