In school I was never interested in Literature, even though the irony being that  my grandfather, Pannalal Patel, is a very well know novelist in gujarati language.  I had concluded that as I was weak in Languages, I assumed literature was equally pain in the ass for me and I never even tried to create an interest in it. I do regret that now as now I feel and agree with my mom, who used to tell me, that all subjects are equally important.

Born into an extremely well to do family, it has it’s own minuses. One is not to be motivated to do much in life. Being the elder of the two daughters, the only responsibility I felt that I had, was to take care of my father’s  fiances when I have to. Thus  dad suggested that I should do Charatered Accountancy. In my teens I was absolutely aimless. I was just interested in mischief, bunking classes, sleeping and day dreaming in classes. Since I did not know anything else I decided to do chartered accountancy when I went to college. That’s it ! I was fixed on it. I would not even listen to other options. Thus I made a game plan. I only focused on those subjects, that where important later on. Thus, in the initial years, I focused only on Maths.  Then as other subjects like stats, Eco, business administration, accounts came along,they were important to me. I was so full of nonsense then that I thought I was too cool to just master only these subjects that I need to become a Chartered Accountant. Little did my over smart self knew that I was a creative person and that I was not made for this. As languages was not important, I started hating them. Thus it was an effort to study them. Marks were not easy for me to score as I was not interested in them. According to my plan I just wanted to pass in them.  Thus I would strategically study them and I would only do the essay, composition , figure of speeches, grammar and make sure I get 40% marks ( 35% were passing ). I would leave the chapters and so I never made any connection to literature. In fact I would mock the characters or the poems and make fun of them. I would change the sentences and make them sound funny.

I remember this one time our English marks where given out in class. I got dot 35%. I was jumping in the coredoor outside my class room and shouting, hurray hurray !” My English teacher, Miss Silvie, came out and asked me what the noise was about? I told her, “ma’am, I passed. Yeah ! ” My teacher got so annoyed. She gave me a long lecture telling me that this is shameful  and I should not be so aimless in my life, and that I had huge potential if I made use of it. That day when my ma’am was giving me a lecture, all I could think of was “pass, pass pass, no more studying English till the next exams. ” Today I feel my teacher  was so right. In the past few years I always wanted to start reading literature. The push came when someone told me ” I can’t believe people read self help books, it’s someone else’s prospective, instead read literature as there is so much to learn from it and one can interpret on your own and learn.” I suddenly realised all I have other than cooking books on my book shelf,  are self help books, I need to start reading literature.

So my first step had already stared as I was reading my grand father’s novel and his autobiography. Next I went and got Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore. I got this book for another project that  I am doing but I got so absorbed in this book of peoms. They are so deep but I guess since I have the interest and inclination, I understand them. Wow !! I realised there is so much to learn from literature and so many life lessons.. Now I have decided how much ever time I get I will read literature.I guess I am growing up 🙂

I am sharing this beautiful poem by Rabindranath Tagore from Gitanjali. I so believe in what he says, it applies even today:

the child who is decked with princes robes and who has jewelled chains round his neck loses all pleasure in his play; his dress hampers him at every step. In fear that it may be frayed, or stained with dust he keeps himself from the world, and is afraid even to move. Mother it is no gain, thy bondage of finery, if it keeps one shut off from the healthful dust of the earth, if it rob one of the  right of entrance to the great fair of common human life.” – Rabindranath Tagore

I so agree with this  completely. I am glad that we raise our son the most natural way. I am glad that he plays, makes a mess, enjoys it and thus he is a happy child. I am sharing along with this, some images of my son enjoying in the sand and making a mess. He loves playing outside in the garden, in the sand, or water. I love seeing him smile when he happily plays. I feel he learns so much in his free play.

image image image image Letting the children make a mess is not easy cause there is a lot of extra work of cleaning and changing but if I look at the big picture, they are so happy and plus they learn so much so the extra work doesn’t matter 🙂


  1. O my !! Can’t believe this is Natasha I knew. You write your heart out and that’s what good writers do !! Who’s says you not good in literature !! You make me read your whole blog whenever I open it !!

    And u know I had the exact same feeling about children doing what the like best, exploring read messing. I saw them play with dry leaves in my building garden and I could see the joy on their faces. It made my day !!

    Keep bloging gal !! You are awesome !! Waiting for a day when I get time to create my blog !!

    1. Dear purvi thank you so much you are very kind but yes it’s a task to write correctly for me. I also think children growing up naturally have a practical intelligence which is most needed today. My dear don’t wait for tommorow Plz start blogging right now. You will enjoy it Plus it will help in a lot of self expression. Once u write it one feels very content. Don’t wait Plz do it now . Best wishes and good luck. I hope soon I get to read ur blog 😊

  2. I totally agree on what ever you say. I have also gone through same situation as you. But realized it later( not too late) which helped me a lot. Exactly we have let children play freely and let them make a mess. That makes them grow very well.

    1. Better late than never I guess. Yes you are right they grow up better and are practically intelligent with common sense with us most important in today’s world

  3. Thank you for sharing Natasha about your journey. This is such an amazing family heritage you possess.
    So wonderful that you are allow your child be a child. They learn SO much through all the discoveries that make. 🙂

    1. Thank you Carl. It realised the importance of such heritage only when I started learning photography , earlier I was taking it for granted.yes they discover so much on their own and it helps build their confidence 😊

  4. You have the writing talent in your blood already! You are not only good with numbers but also letters 🙂 I love your philosophy in raising children – that’s very wise Natasha 🙂

      1. Natasha;
        Thanks for your reply; I wish life must be going well;
        It is indeed pleasure for me to write to you and as a matter of fact; I always like to communicate with other highly talented & creative bloggers and I wish more often we visit each other’s blog and comment on each other’s post; so, slowly but very steadily we built up the good blogging relationship.
        Recently, I have published one post and which is specifically dedicated for the women; whenever you have spare time read it, your feedback on the comment section of that post will means a lot to me.

  5. Literature runs in the genes then 😉 I can read Gujarati – learnt it for two years…but Gujarati literature is damn difficult. I started Saraswatichandra…and after one page…I could not just get the words’ meanings 😦 I wish I could just know more Gujarati so that I didn’t miss out on literary treasures…As for your efforts, great choice of books 🙂 You can also go for the ones with simple and yet profound narratives. If poetry is your interest, Rumi and Pablo Neruda will be great.

    1. Yes Gujarati literature is difficult cause u need to catch the slang trust me i find it hard Inspite of being the mother tongue as my medium of study was English. Thanks for the suggestions will surely read them 😊

  6. Natasha;
    Absolutely amazing post, reading your post is wonderful experience because it is full with knowledge, experience and learning.
    Wishing you all the best…………………….

  7. Anything that was related to languages was definitely my field…contrary to you, Math was definitely a subject that I struggle with but I am glad that you are finding interest in literature bit by bit. The pictures of your son are adorable, thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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