This Saturday was my husband, Sid’s birthday, it was celebration time as our Uncle from Cardiff was visiting us. Our friend Dazz from our University days also decided to come and meet up uncle and spend the day with us. This Uncle of ours if someone asks us how he is related? it’s very distant  relation but as they say some people are sometimes so close to us that we consider them family. For us he is very close family. Thus I was super excite.

I consider two people my virtual mentors. It’s because of the movie they made that changed my life.  I am such a secure, content and happier person because of them.

One day after watching Julie and Julia I told Sid, ” Julie  feels exactly the same as I feel for my mentors, but she never got to meet Julia, I have a sad feeling I will never get to meet my mentors.” Sid gave me hope and told, ” u will, if u want it u need to keep on trying…find a way to reach them, he encouraged me to do something so that they realise how serious you are. So that’s when the idea of this blog came to me…

few days back I heard that  Sir (one of my mentor) was coming to town and was going to be part of a discussion . In over excitement I reached two days early, when I reached to an empty hall, the watchmen giving we a confused look told me there was nothing that day, I realised I goofed up with the dates..not a problem I did not miss the main day.

The event was  day before Sid’s birthday, Sid decided to baby sit so I could go early to sit in front. In the cold morning with layers on, I left 2 hours before the time Sir was supposed to arrive. When I reached at the venue only organisers were setting up the stage, I got the best seat in the house..yay!! Now with lot of time on my hand I planned Sid’s day, from ordering vegetables and groceries, to confirming the deserts with my friend, to making things to make list all was done. It’s there I decided to make a Lebanese cottage cheese wrap, panini sandwich. A simple Saturday lunch.

Sandwitch, wrap and desserts, all husbands favourite
Sandwitch, wrap and desserts, all husbands favourite

After hours of waiting finally Sir arrived, he was part of a discussion held in honour of Mahatma Gandhi.

For me it was so unreal, I never though I would get to see him, initially it was very difficult to focus on what he was saying, the only thought was going in my head, is he actually what I thought him to be, he is actually the person he preaches to be? well it all seemed like a dream come true…wait there is more coming…I did not know that day was my lucky day…

when the show was ending his exit i went and stood where he would exit the stage. Someone else was summoned to the stage so he politely got down, I told my self “beta here is you chance, chance pe dance kar. Act on it”

with my heart beating so fast that is the only thing I could hear.. I went up to him and told him “thank you sir”  he was surprise and to my surprise I got a chance to tell him I have watched his movie at least 100 times, (I don’t have a count its my hubby who says that) I was blabering …how I follow his fundas, how I believe only in excellence, how I live by those fundas…with my heart beating so loud, I could not hear anything but he was so polite and he thanked me warmly and with so great modesty…suddenly the organiser told me that’s all he needed to go…I was happy..I was doing Bhangra in my head…as I did even imagine I would get to talk to him.

but I am known for my persisting nature…I will not leave something till it’s actually the end, sir was still around somewhere I needed to find out and try talking to him again..

I saw him with a small crowd and two bodyguards going inside an art exhibition. This is when I remembered Sid telling me jokingly” don’t stock him too much that he will have to report to the police” I was told my self there are other mad people like me as well…I think he will not be disturbed…

Now this is where I find my self extremely lucky…in all the crowd I was hanging with him, every few second I got to talk to him, he taught me so much , he was answering my questions , plus when he was teaching others I was standing there like a pukka chitku ( chewing gum) right there. My motto was to learn as much as I can, with every single word coming from him I was standing there absorbing like a spong…slowly slowly people started dispersing and it was only sir and me…just hearing him talk I learned so much…

Initially his very loyal bodyguards came in between but over the time they realised that I was harmless or I would want to believe they saw my honestly, they gave me way, told I could come ahead, to hear him better.

Finally he told me “nice meeting you mamme ” oh god I thought he wants me to leave, I still wanted to be around him and listen , in spite of that I hung around few more minutes..then I told my self enough,  it was time to leave …what a day.!!..with all his words I went home..

rest of the day I was just thinking on what he told me …..oh even now I continuously  think  of the things he though, I have started working accordingly, the best part was that he encouraged me to work on something I wanted his opinion on…

At night after putting my son to sleep, I was happily cooking for the next day and repeating his words in my head…


Sizzling paneer from the pan
Sizzling paneer from the pan
Mushrooms all ready for the sandwich
Mushrooms all ready for the sandwich
Yumm chocolate desserts made by my friend Chital
Yumm chocolate desserts made by my friend Chital
A better picture of the dessert
A better picture of the desserts

Sid’s birthday went awesome, it was great catching up,  remembering good old times and laughing like crazy..

eventually everyone had lunch at 5 in the evening…wow what amazing two days…


All Izz well indeed !!


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