Happy new year to all 😊

First of all a big thank you to all my followers, I am so overwhelmed can’t believe it. When the first follower joint in that was unbelievable thus 210 followers is like showers of blessings…feeling on top of the world

Yeah !! It’s 2015, a new year, time to let go of things, leave the past, time to move on…time to erase somethings, time to learn some lessons from mistakes and incidences, time to look ahead with new hope…

Time flies, my baby is already 1 so fast. Few days back I mentioned this to my dad’s friend Saurabh uncle that ” I did not realise how fast time flies, my son is 1″ Β  my uncle says, ” we did not realise how fast your children reached in your 30’s.” Yes time flies, it’s limited we need to make the most of it how much ever God has given in our share

Like all I also wish to make some changes and make some resolutions this new year….

Here they go…

Now That my baby is 1 decided to focus on my work a bit more. Want to take some courses which are long pending since the pregnancy. It’s time

I have decided to get one size down, decided to reach my pre pregnancy size thus no more desserts or sweets till I reach my target..I need to tell myself to control every time I eat that extra chocolate no matter how much tiring day I had…

I have decided to cook a bit more cause for me cooking is like meditation

Want to travel this year..oh how I miss travelling..with my baby, with my parents, alone with my husband and one trip I want to go somewhere just me and my camera even if its for a day.

I want to use less of my phone want to reduce my checking social networking sites as it’s not constructive

I want to start reading. I use to read a lot..want to collect more books plus finish the half read ones

I want give sometime to my husband dear want to go out on regular dates with him

I want do more outdoor photography want to get back on the streets with my camera, I learn so much there

I want to continue my journey towards excellence

this new year I want to get organised. I hate doing that but want to .. That’s the most difficult

Last but not the least this new year I want to laugh more than last year, I want to smile more and give the gift of warmth and laughter to my family, friends specially to my son. In spite of what goes around in the world I want to show my son that our world is a happy place and a beautiful place to live in.

With so much love around me right now I am feeling on top of the world. This same feeling I had when I was on the Eiffel Tower few years back. The view was beautiful, the weather was just right and we reached just in time before the light was about to go..phew!! After hour and half wait I could take these amazing pics from top of Paris 😊

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