One day a little girl came from school crying, she ran to her father and complained to him sobbing that her best friend is not talking to her
anymore, she has made new friends and she doesn’t want to hangout with her. Β This wise father of her advised her, if she can stay without you, why can’t you? Why have such attachment? Wiped her tears, kisses her and asked her to cheer up and let it go…this little girl was my mother and the father was my novelist grandfather Pannalal Patel. My mother remembers that from that day she suddenly became a stronger person, it just made sense to her. This same advise my mom always gave me when I was growing up, for any relationship not working out or gone sour my mother will tell the same words ” if the other person can stay without you, why can’t you? This has been a base in formation of any relationship of mine, if the other person need me I am there but if not I can easily carry on, thanks to my mother it’s very hard for people to hurt me cause it’s simple u need me I am always there but if you don’t then I am not bothered. Since I shared this story of my mother also sharing one of her winter special recipe.

Once winter sets in the carrots become dark red and very juicy. Every winter my mom makes this carrot halwa , simple Indian sweet..( gajjar ka halwa), I love her halwa, simple yumm home cooked food…

I live this halwa so much I eat it cold, warm it for a few seconds and eat it, I also eat it with vanilla ice cream…

Maa ka pyaar ( mom's love in a bowl)
Maa ka pyaar ( mom’s love in a bowl)

this time when mom made it I was at home I eat this halwa for dinner for two nights. My husband was traveling thus mom took out some and put it on the side but I finished that as well…just could not control


Below is mom’s recipe of carrot halwa, it’s not that hard to make yet I will wait for her to make it and relish it…never made it..


1 kg shredded carrots

750 ml milk

2 tbsp ghee

100 ml shredded Mavo

250 Β g sugar

1 tsp cards on powder


In a non stick pan heat the ghee, add the carrots keep on stirring them and cook them. This should take about 5-7 minutes.

Once all the water of the carrots have evaporated add the milk, keep on stirring till all the water of the milk evaporates.

Now add the mava and the sugar.

Cook for another 5 minutes stirring continuously.

Remove from the heat and store in an air tight container once it cools off.


  1. I can’t tell you how much of a wise words those are…people who grew up with wisdom like such are very hard to be hurt. ❀

  2. Your mother has learned valuable experience and great advise that made her stronger and an independent person, and I think the great thing of all, she passed it on to you! Great story and thank you for sharing your mother’s recipe πŸ™‚

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