I loved what Bill Cosby said, ” you post all your drama  on Facebook and then get upset when people judge you. You must be a special kind of stupid.” Ha ha ha !  So funny and how true. There are so many people who through Facebook, Twitter and what’s app will write status or post photos which show all their drama in their life like what new car they bought, or what class did they fly, who is their latest close friends, how much they love their spouses/partners and write status that tell the whole world their state of mind and then get upset when judged or laughed upon….he is so right abt the special kind of stupid. Thus social media is used for all the drama instead of staying connected.

I once visited a tribal village in rural central India which was away from all this. No internet, no TV. Electricity was available only at night. Thier life was very simple, no drama. Just living in the movement!

After one and half days journey I had reached there. My husband backed out of our trip due to last minute work load. It was our friends Arjun and Surbhi’s anniversary thus I decided to go. Everyone was concerned about my safety. Thus my father arranged for a car, driver and one of his local office fellow to be with me through out the journey. Both of them where absolutely useless fellows when it came to looking after my safety. I was suppose to reach my destination Kanha next day noon. Once I was there I was going to join my friends for the evening jungle safari. I have a habit of dozing off in long journeys. My mistake that I slept off cause when I got up we were in the middle of the jungle with no phone network. I told both of them to go back on the same road but over smart that they were,  they were like – let’s go a bit ahead.It will meet the main road. From the past half an hour I had not seen a soul around.The road was getting narrower and the jungle was getting denser.  Out of nowhere,  a black jeep started following us. I saw it was loaded with local type men, staring into our car.  I told the driver to speed up. When the road got a bit wide I told them to immediately make a u turn. Again the other jeep was waiting in the jungle on the road in which all the men resembled the gons I see in Bollywood movies.  Two of them had sticks in their hands waving us to stop the car. A sharp pain ran down my stomach. This over smart office fellow tells me lets stop and ask them for directions. I panicked ! I wanted to swear at him but I controlled myself. I told them to lock all the doors and shouted, “Do not stop the car, speed up…faster.” The jeep was lost behind. Phew! Something was not right about those men. Finally we were on the main road. Our 4 hour journey took us 6 hours. Thus I missed the jungle safari. Once at the hotel and nothing to do, I met a local guide who was willing to take me on a tribal village tour which was near by.

The sun was setting and thus I was hoping I could manage to get some photographs. I was amazed to see this tribal village. They were living so many years back in time that they build their own houses.They worship lord shiva and thus the color of their houses was blue. They did nothing but a bit of farming. The government gave them rice for very subsidised rates thus they only ate rice. I mean only rice! Nothing to accompany it with. For feast they eat chicken. They make their own local liquor out of rice. Once liquor is sorted out not much more do they need to do. The guide told me at 5 in the eve half the village is drunk. By 7 whole village including the women and elders are drunk. I saw so many drunk people more than I saw in a pub on a Saturday night 🙂 They played loud drums and danced on them to keep the animals away. That’s it ! No other mode of entertainment. They enjoy their simple life. Everyday they had the time of their lives and they would sleep around with anyone they felt like in the village ( no society rules apply in this village)..ha ha ha… See what happens when there is no TV !

In fact the villagers were getting mad with alcohol. So we did not get out of the jeep and returned when the crowd started gathering around the vehicle. Some life they live…

P.s. I was glad I managed to get some photographs..

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    1. Dear Indha, yes they all looked very happy, with little needs I think they are more happier than any of us…yes they are also my favourite photos 🙂

  1. Social media is a luxury which has become a necessity. From my personal experiences, I decided to go off all such networks for an year and that was the best time of my life. I deleted all my account, including Gmail. Those who really wanted to get in touch with me, found a way somehow. It may sound weird, but everything such as my will power and my efficiency improved a lot. Later on, I succumbed to it again and your post has given me the confidence to repeat my stunt 🙂

    1. Wow that is so brave to get away from social media we are so addicted to it sometimes when i am playing with my son i am checking my phone i felt so bad now i just put it far away and check it later. Wow one whole year.. Respect 👏👏😊

      1. No child will complain about a tech savvy mommy. A new thing becomes our possession, then we get used to it and it becomes necessity, addiction follows and then we become addicted to this addiction. My next getting-off-social-media stunt will last longer, so get set to respect me more 😀 😀

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