As a child I was never fond of Indian sweets, maybe that was because of my lack of knowledge or my close mind.  Since the past few years I have developed a taste for them and relish them. I am amazed with the variety there is in Indian sweets, every state, every city has their speciality. Appearance wise Indians deserts are raw and rustic like we Indian are. You will not find an Indian desert presented well or will not see delicacy in them, but they are just like us the Indian people in characteristics extra sweet, no high maintainance and most of the sweets are messy to eat just as we Indian are…hye no offences please cause this is the fact…we are such messy people….look at the mess and dirty there is in our country. Our new prime minister has started a nation wide cleanliness campaign…I hope some thing good comes from it…


The city of Agra is  world-famous because of the Taj Mahal. It is also famous for this colouring candied sweet balls called Petha. From long time back I wanted to taste Pethas from Agra, plus these were mentioned in a comedy Bollywood movie, Golmal which I have seen  so many times that I remember them in a dialogue and being such a filmi person, my curiosity for tasting Pethas had increased…

my lil sister was visiting our house with her husband Varun, her mother in law Preeti Aunty send these Petha with her as she did want my sister to come empty hand to our new house for the first time, apparently the same day someone had visited their house from Agra and brought these petah’s from Agra.

Thanks to Preeti aunty I got to taste these without going right to Agra, lot of money saved…Petha were a gift plus saved the ticket money…ha ha…why am I talking like a stingy person.?? Silly me..


The top of these are coated with real edible silver called barakh…

p.s. These tasted better once chilled as the sugar crystallizes



  1. Ahh I love these peta’s it reminds me of my childhood days, my uncle stayed in New Delhi and we visited him. We made the Agra trip as well. Oh I still can remember the taste 🙂 When ever he visits , he makes sure of parceling us to Chennai 🙂 They are just so yummy….And you are right they taste better when chilled 😀

  2. i love Indian sweets and any time i go to Little India here in Singapore i overdose..the gulab jaman in Komala Vilas is to die for.
    Thank you, Natasha, for sharing this.
    My best to you

  3. The look gorgeuos although probably too sweet for me. I’ve tried some of the sweets my friend Sumi’s mother brings her (or prepares herself) but I much prefer the spicy stuff. They look like jewels…

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