Double celebration time…

First things first…to all my followers, thank you so much 🙂  for following my blog, making what it is and inspiring me everyday…

Thank you for so much for the support, 105 is an unbelievable number for me…thank you!!!image

There is other reason to celebrate. After staying rent free ( what are parents for 😉 ) for 2 and half months at my parents place we finally shifted…in our new home …yeah!!I

My close friend Anisha, what’s apped me on the first day asking how the first day was, it took me 1 whole day to reply her back..

I replied can’t find most of the things, the whole day was practically a treasure hunt…

In spite of coming and organising everything before moving in could not get the hang of things which thing was were…

Thus when I needed the babies diaper I was running from this corner to the other..

if I needed his medicine it would take another few minutes to look for them….

super chaos…but…

we we’re home..OUR OWN home…after a decade of being together finally have our home…

thus All..Izz..Well…

Our baby playing with our new house keys...the key chain put was a 2 part key chain which Sid had given one to me and kept one for him self when we parted from our M.B.A...that time I never knew we would be together for so long to use it for our house keys...
Our baby playing with our new house keys…the key chain was a 2 part key chain which Sid had given one to me and kept one for him self when we parted from our M.B.A…that time I never knew we would be together for so long to use it for our house keys…

Indian tradition says to do a bit of pooja and cook something sweet for the first time…me and Sid never follow traditions but my mom , my lovely aunt Nisha and our Brahmin cook Raghu maharaj, insisted, pleaded, order and took over matters in their hands and made us do the pooja and then Raghu mahraj cooked sukhadi, a Gujarati sweet…

I usually don’t listen in these matters but you know how moms are…she called from USA and requested us to do…I assured her …

My aunt Nisha, whom I call  Nishu, insisted to do it, she arranged everything for the small pooja and made me do it.. in these matters I would not listen but when she says I will not rebel…cause she is one of the most loving and sincere human being on this planet. I find most of the people going to temples and following rituals hypocrites cause I feel they are going out of the fear of their wrong doings, they go to bribe God. But Nishu is such an honest, clean hearted person…she will go to temples and do all the rituals along with that she an honest life. She is so full of love and life, I cannot deny her..thus her wish is my command…



Guju sukhadi...still piping hot...
Guju sukhadi…still piping hot…

Sukhadi is one of the easiest sweets made in gujarati families.
I remember reading about it in my grandfather Pannalal Patel’s autobiography. That time it would take days to travel miles unlike today we can travel in hours, he would pack sukhadi with him during his travels and eat it on the way. I think it was like the energy bars we have today.  Remembering my grandfather I told Raghu Mahraj to make Sukhadi..since they are bite size pieces, all of us..that is me, Sid and all our wonderful helpers who helped us set up the house where eating along with unpacking.

Below I am sharing  my mom’s recipe below.  It can be eaten immediately or stored and eaten later.  Personally I love to eat it immediately, many times I have burnt my mouth as the jaggery was still hot and I did not want to wait for it to cool down.



1 cup wheat flour
¾ cup ghee
¾ cup jaggery cut into shavings
3-4 spoons milk


Heat the ghee and add flour, fry for a few minutes till light golden. Do not fry too much.
When it starts giving out the fragrance, shut off the stove and add the milk and jaggery and mix well.
Spread it in a thali, make pieces with a knife and serve hot.

P.s. Let’s get traditional…also sharing a sweet dish recipe for all the 105 followers…as if something good happens we celebrate eating something sweet…cheers to all you lovely people 🙂






  1. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!:) I love the sweet you made! Looks delicious. You asked in what language I’m writing. I’m writing in Polish and English. There’s a language switcher on the top right corner of my blog:)

  2. Those treats reminds me of “Dous Makos” a lot of peanuts brittle together that are melted in the fire that we do here In Haiti. Congratulations on having your own home, enjoy it 🙂

  3. Your photos are A-mmmmazing!!!! They make my mouth water! So happy I found this site 🙂 And congratulations on your followers, I will definitely be one of them! I just started seriously blogging too last August 🙂 And I know how much this number means to you. I hope I could reach the 105 followers too 🙂 Do drop by my blog if you have time, I have few food photos that may look a bit interesting too 🙂 Btw, I think you you can go for a Food Stylist profession too!!! Cheers and more followers for us 🙂

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