I seriously feel we humans should have an on/off switch. Last night I was extremely sleepy and could not keep my eyes open, my poor baby who got colic and is teething woke up. After sometime he was fast asleep, I was lying wide awake in my bed, just could not sleep, my sleep had gone. I uploaded these photographs, still no sleep. Physically I was so exhausted  I had no energy to do anything else. My baby was fast asleep, husband snoring, I just could not sleep…not even after thinking of all the boring people I know and how many headaches I got from them, sitting next to them I would be praying I don’t fall a sleep on their face, it’s insulting right ..but remembering them right now no sleep..oho!…I find boring people funny and most of the time I  mimic them at home in front of my family, so after a little laugh on my own, no sleep…I was actually thinking I wish I had a Sleep mode button like my laptop…or an off switch so I could go to sleep immediately.

These photographs are from my collection on a project I am doing about my grandfather’s life. He was a famous novelist and I am collecting photographs for his autobiography. On early morning I had gone to the old city of Ahmedabad with my teacher  Dr. Shrikant Rakhe. The city was still getting up, the pace was slow some people had started their work, rest where roaming around doing nothing, enjoying the morning.

The city of Ahmedabad is divided by the river Sabarmati. One side of  the river is the old city where the pace of life is slow, people are still traditional and laid back. the people in the old city are very warm-hearted, friendly, they help you all the time. If you are stuck somewhere and you ask one person for help, 10 people will run to help, sometimes it becomes more confusing specially when we ask for directions cause everyone is saying something different, then they start arguing in themselves to figure out who is right, it is really fun to watch… The other side is the new city where all the modern building are developed, pace is fast and modern. One will not find as much warmth in people here as the old city.

We usually go early morning as there is less traffic on the streets thus it saves a lot of time. Below are a few images which I captured in my camera of a typical morning in the old city.

P.s. I love taking pictures of the old city, I always want to go back for more, but  I can only live in the new city side. It would be difficult for me to live around such inquisitive people 🙂

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    1. Thanks you :-). Yeah I like the way he is waiting on the shops doors steps…but I tell u theses street dogs are sometimes so dangerous, u don’t know when they bite you…I always keep my distance with them…

  1. P.S. I happened to capture Jamalpur and posted it on the blog sometime back. Why don’t you visit it too with camera in tow? It is such a heaven for us photography enthusiasts!!

      1. Yes it was 🙂 I went at about 6:30 – 6:45 am and got some real good clicks. After 7:30, there is impossible traffic!

  2. Good luck with your project. I’m very intrigued, and it is fascinating how two styles of life so different can coexist in the same city. Love the photos!

    1. Dear Olga, thanks you for that really need it…it’s like a treasure hunt my grand father travelled a lot, places have changes from what they were 50 years back and some of the places he has vaguely mentioned in his autobiography…so it’s a task earlier I had all the time in the world to roam and find out now with the baby I wonder when I will start it again…hopefully shall complete in the future…

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