Finally took a break after 1 and half years…it was time for some Goan fun..this break was specially planned for our baby as it was his first out-of-town experience. Earlier just the three of us where going then one after another all my husband’s childhood friends…correction all my friends joint in…they specially came to meet and bond with our son..boy!! ..he is really blessed to have such loving aunts and uncles..

Once there, the baby had his own time to follow so when everyone were having lunch baby and mommy would be taking their nap… then when we where up it was everyone’s time to nap. On the last day when all were napping, I impulsive decided to take my baby, his bag, my camera and take a cab ride.

When I got in the cab the instructions to cab driver where simple, we do not want to get out of the cab, we want to be back in an hour, drive slow and take us where I can take pictures…

The cab driver, Sudesh suggested me Panjim city. He actually thought that I was some Bollywood fan or some Bollywood  location hunting assistant, he continuously pointed out the famous Bollywood locations and he kept on telling me which film was shoot was rather funny I knew all of it plus I was least interested but I showed my enthusiasm as the poor chap was too excited to share his knowledge…

It was raining outside, with my baby in one hand and my camera in another, I tried to take pictures from the cab’s window..

When we were about to return, I was wondering all the time what my baby must be thinking and suddenly he gave me that possessive cry trying to push away the camera…he was trying to tell me ” enough! you  had your fun now look after me, I m hungry..”

Thus that was it…I told Sudesh to return, he was like “madame there are few places left..specially the famous railway track which was shoot in Chennai express movie”…I laughed and told him “pack up boss”…my man is interested no more…probably he wanted to go back to his dad, his uncles and aunts as they would be up by now.

With his milk bottle in his mouth my son kept on observing the road…I kept on wondering if I had actually managed to get some good images? Once back many did not come so well but these few where good enough for the memories of the Panjim city  date with my 8 month old.

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P.s. This was the highlight of the trip but the best part was when the boys would baby sit and me and the girls would go out for dinners..yes mumma needs a break….chit chat, points to ponder upon, jokes, good food, healthy discussions, sharing of desserts and I also got to meet one lovely boy (my friend’s son Arav), learnt a lot from my friend how to raise such a lovable and a good child…..thanks to my girls whom I meet after months had a rocking time 🙂 reminded me of good old times..





  1. Lovely, lovely photos! Great idea for a mother and son date. Glad you had a fun time in Panjim City! 🙂

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