Sometimes in life we get tied up running behind the wrong stuff that we forget the simple pleasures of life. Small pleasures give the most peace of mind like listening to music on a quite evening or early morning with tea, walking bare foot on the garden or a beach, reading a book, cooking a simple meal with the family, sitting on a swing feeling the wind, listening to the various sounds of the birds.

When I was younger in 20’s these things did not mean much. All I wanted was to hear was loud music, see loud television, chittter chatter on the phone and rest of the time sleep. Now in 30’s life has changed for good, it has started to have a purpose, I like this age so much, one feels grown up, independent and free in the mind from peer pressures. I have learnt to stop wasting time with meaningless associations, I think this,one learns only with age.

On a lighter note some new simple things that pleasures me now is when my baby poops or farts, I think I am happier than him, I am like what a relief to him now he will sleep better so will I. Another simple pleasure I get is from watching out-and-out slap stick comedy movies or cartoon. When I sit to watch Tom and Jerry or Ogli and the cock roaches, I laugh like a 5-year-old, my infant don’t get it probably he gives me the look that grow up mom, I also don’t find this funny. Recently my 8 month old kissed me back, all my face was wet with his saliva but I can’t get over it…i guess another simple pleasure, I am so glad I am raising him on my own without a maid (children raised by maids is very common in my part of the world), first of all I don’t want him to wet someone else’s face instead of his mothers and Second of all I would not trade anything in the world against this simple joy that my son gave me 🙂

I wonder I have never enjoyed a socialite party or a an expensive bag or traveling in some class in luxury as much as i have enjoyed these smaller things in life…i guess that’s what life is to cherish the simpler things…

Since I am talking of simple pleasure though of writing this simple recipe, I am sure everyone knows this recipe but sometimes it slips out of the mind and we forget to make it. This black chickpeas salad  is one of them, its healthy, full of protein and yum as well.



1 cup black channa soaked overnight

Onions chopped

Tomato chopped

Green chili chopped

Coriander leaves

Red chili powder

Chaat masala

Lemon juice

Salt to taste


Pressure cook the channa. Once done mix rest of the ingredients well according to your taste and put it to chill in an air tight container. Serve cold.


You can make this chat with any other beans like chick peas, rajma etc. whichever beans you like.

p.s. I am not saying to let go of all the expensive things and become a saint, even i can’t let go of many things, but yet I believe the maximum happiness one gets is only from the simpler things.


  1. Natasha enjoyed each and every bit and words here.. …I second you dear and same with me I don’t want my child to be taken care with maids or someone else. … motherhood and innocence phases of a kid is what stays with us till the end so better to enjoy each and every phase….loved it…
    And channa chaat looks simple and droolicious dear…👍

    1. Thanks Chitra…I believe today if we give time to our children they grow up into secure individuals and then lot of future troubles will be avoided 🙂

  2. Natasha, what a great recipe, I can’t wait to try this next weekend 🙂 Also, I know what you mean about being in the early 20s. I just turned 24, and whenever I look back even just a few years ago, I notice I am much different. I feel like my life is more meaningful after getting rid of my phone service in November and not having a TV for many years now, among other things. I feel a sense of freedom and peacefulness without all this “noise” 🙂

    1. Thanks.. :-). How nice 24 your have grown up…it took me 6 more years to reach where u are…for me just around 30..I reduced my phone chatter TV etc…

  3. This recipe looks wonderful. Time with the kiddos is always wonderful though a little time away now and then is also wonderful. Their smiles are the best pleasure of all!

  4. Hi Natasha, visiting your blog for the first time as I have recently started blogging. I apparently chose this post of yours to read, and I completely agree I Too do not leave my 17 month son with maid or househelp for very long. I have been working for almost 8 years on a stretch before delivering, but chose to give all my time and enjoy motherhood ..:) nice to know you and looking forward for further interactions…:)

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog…yes same here motherhood is a precious gift..imagine women who want to have children and can’t, that why I believe to do my best at it 🙂

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