My parents’ childhood friends Ullas kaka ( uncle ) and Manisha Kaki ( aunt)  and their daughters Shruti and Shreya visited us from Chennai few days back. They came home with loads of food stuff, the best thing anybody could ever get for me 🙂 They carried doughnuts in their hand luggage for us and trust me the donuts where so yumm…was it their love or actually they where the best donuts I had?..we had so many of them for the coming days, my morning would start with a donut and then I would decide done for the day, need to lose my pregnancy weight then again by lunch I would tell my self a story,” but they are so yumm and I have been burning calories running behind my baby, one will not hurt me” and then again the same story at night. I just could not stop eating them…

Krispy kreme donuts…yumm..
Krispy kreme donuts…yumm..

I am extremely fond of Chennai, I love the beach, I love rice, I love Chennai food, when I go to Chennai I go mad eating anywhere and everywhere. My aunt touched my heart by remembering and getting Chennai local rice. Last time when we visited Chennai about 5 years back she had taken me to their local store on her two-wheeler, I love to see a city on a two-wheeler. I think one can feel the city and the people much better. We went to this local shop and bought rice to take back home there I saw some local pickles and was almost about to buy them, then I decide some other time. To my surprise my aunt also brought 4 different types of pickles for us…she remembered.!!..such a small things after so many years still she remembered…

Rassam, lime pickle, mango pickle, coriander pickle, mint pickle and curd rice for dinner...
Rassam, lime pickle, mango pickle, coriander pickle, mint pickle and curd rice for dinner…
also got local snacks and sweets from chennai..
also got local snacks and sweets from Chennai..

With so much produce from Chennai, decided to make curd rice and rasam. I decided to go absolutely traditional, I told my watchman to beg, borrow or steal 2 banana tree leaves from our neighbour’s garden as in our part of the world these trees are rare to find. To my surprise I saw two 2 and half foot long big leaves in our kitchen in the evening. After clicking the photograph, I had to eat in the the leaf. My leaf plate had covered almost three fourth of our dinning table, I was looking like a nutcase eating in this big leaf so my husband nicely pointed out that in Chennai they eat on a smaller leaf, plate size ones…he just could not stop laughing at me and i just could not stop eating and relishing my dinner. I eat with my fingers and like a proper south indian folded my leaf when I was done….

My uncle’s family brought some clothes and a blue fluffy blanket for my baby. I think babies are so intuitive, he loves this new blanket if his, he just wants to play with it all the time, he will thrown on his head and play peek a boo, he will chew its ends, he will drag it with him as he crawls, the blanket is not used for sleeping it stays with his toys…I think they get it, when they know something is given with love they just love it as much…

Another gift he got toys from someone who told me they specially got for him from so and so country, which had an Indian rupees price tag on it…oops…forgot to cover up the lie…and then the smart ass that I am, I read on the label a bit more…as the toys did look a bit old…it said imported in the country in 2010 then suddenly a thought came as already the price tag was telling another story, this was probably a toy which was passed on, probably given to them on their child’s birthday and they did not need it…anyway intuitively the baby does not play with the toy at all.. how much every I try to introduce it..

When something is given with love and thought even children feel it…he loves playing with this new blanket of his, he loves a yellow pillow given by our friend who flew just for few hours to meet him when he was born, he would not let go of his white and blue pillow set posted by our friend who got held up and had to cancel her trip, he will only sleep with his green cow send by my aunt from Cardiff who has yet only meet him through facetime, he will laugh even for the 100th time on his robot brought by his grand uncle which blinks with colored light and signs gangam style.. he will chew and chew all his stuff toys given by his masi and feeya..even a small chew toy or a rattle send from london by my aunt or given by our neighbour is licked and loved by him..I think that is the power of a gift given from the heart…children get it and they love it…

p.s. it’s never about the money or the cost of the gift…its always the thought that matters…its always the heart that shows 🙂






13 thoughts on “GOODIES FROM CHENNAI

  1. Aww, so sweet of your uncle’s family 🙂 After reading your post I am just so missing Chennai, shopping etc etc and mostly the famous Kaapi 😉

  2. Yeah..I am sure..I love chennai and it stays in your heart such a warm city…only thing is the weather that can get a bit too much…but rest it’s a amazing place:-)

  3. Local foods are always a welcome gift in our home as well! Ah, Krispy Kreme donuts, my boys love them. They would eat them every day if I let them. Luckily they are a treat only several times a year!

    1. Yeah local foods…right now in our home so many visitors are bringing locals foods…best gist ever…Krispy Kreme yumm…we don’t have in our city hence it’s a delicacy here 🙂

  4. Wow dishes looks so yummy Natasha. …sure you would have enjoyed feasting it….nice gifts and dishes from uncle….so your little one must be still on with that blanket and toy, nice to watch kids while they are playing….

  5. Those are the kind of relatives I would love to visit me daily. The food looks so delicious. I haven’t had breakfast and the photos make me feel very hungry. I wish you a lovely evening!

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