When I google to search, before you finish typing google helps you finish with the most searched after topic

So when I google how to..before I finish google will give me options, the most popular searched option is “how to kiss…”

when I type how to get…the most popular is “how to get pregnant..”

A though came to my mind when I saw these search options..I am glad there is more positivity in this world. People still are searching and looking for positive things..kiss is a sigh of love or attachment to another human being,Β getting pregnant is giving chance to another life.There is still hope in this chaotic world…

At least a kiss comes and how to hurt a person doesn’t come in most searched option. At least how to get pregnant come instead of how to kill someone…

I see hope and positivity…future can be better

In the same line of though there was this coco cola add that use to come on India television on hope…I use to love it…I want to share it…

The children look so happy in this advertisement, it’s very well-directed. Inspired by this ad I collected some of my photographs of children I shoot during my various outdoor shoots. I personally love these pictures as I was drawn towards the innocence of these children. If this innocence is retained I am sure tomorrow will be better….

p.s. The jingle of the ad is so catchy it’s been playing in my head the whole day. In fact even when I was feeding my baby his lunch I was singing this song and he was smiling and enjoying it πŸ™‚

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13 thoughts on “I SEE HOPE

  1. Excellent post Natasha!!! I really am learning and will learn more from you. All positive sides you bring in πŸ™‚ As you know Indian culture makes feel that kissing is bad, hugging is bad, that is how we were all grown up(at least me πŸ˜› ) But nowadays I realize what is wrong in it? It is a way of showing affection!! I got thrilled on what you said, at least it doesn’t show how to hurt others!!! Huge positive thought!! Kudos to you girl πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks malar for your commented…it’s nice to be appreciated..about our culture..as much as I love being an Indian…even I have seen that attitude and I would really want to change it…just a though India is the land of karma sutra and has one of the highest population in the would…imagine how much kissing hugging and sex must be going on..but all behind closed doors…I feel we Indians need to get over our hypocrisy…

  2. Great Natasha. . loved it ya being an indian i love my india but the hypocrisy has to be tuned- where we ( i) grew up in a closed environment but now I feel kids as they grow up should feel free to know all this so that they discuss good and bad with parents. …loved your narration… ❀

    1. Yes it’s mandali my grandfathers village πŸ™‚ I think the villagers are so helpful and warn hearted people. I don’t think we in the cities can do as much for strangers as they do…

      1. Yes. And Gujarati people per se, are one of the most most helpful people that I have ever come across in my life πŸ™‚

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