Earlier before my baby I use to travel a lot. Now life has changed, not traveled since some time. Right now it’s  a different phase of life. I am enjoying this phase as well, had I not been going through this phase, the idea of this blog would not have come to me. Earlier I enjoyed traveling and taking pictures, I cherish those times and wanted to share those memories and pictures on All izz well.

In 2012 me and Sid travelled to Europe with our friends. We spend a night in Bruges (Belgium), the next day we planned to drive down to Amsterdam. That morning as we were checking out and taking our luggage to the car park, my husband, Sid showed me Vintage cars parked on the city square to take pictures. All the cars were parked and ready to go for a car rally, I got so excited and started clicking photographs. Sometimes I get so engrossed in taking pictures that I forget the time and the place, I just kept on taking pictures. After some time, Sid came to call me and break my trance, telling me everyone was waiting for me and that we should make a move, when I looked at all my friends, my poor friends where standing in the sun with all the luggage next to the road patiently waiting  for me to finish my photography. I have such lovely friends, all of them standing for more than 15 minutes with no sense of urgency, understanding my passion  so that I could click these amazing pictures. I thank Parul, Niranjan, Arjun, Surbhi and of course Sid. I am so lucky to marry Sid, that I got these wonderful people in my life, who helped me grow as a person, showed me another prospective to life, who increased my exposure and are such warm and understanding friends.

The cars looked so well maintained and beautiful, I had no idea which car was which but they looked so classy. I love old stuff, furniture, clothes, cutlery, houses etc. because they have history just like that I love old cars. Old stuff have character.

I also feel some of the old values should be kept alive like the time people had for each other during the olden times, like selfless attitude to help any stranger or the  slow pace of life..due to this people had lot of time in hand. Just like these old cars which are maintained and kept alive , we can also keep old value alive in our hearts 🙂

p.s. as much as I love an old stuff I also love living in todays hi tech, interconnected world.

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