This Saturday was my Bharat Mama’s ( mom’s brother) birthday..we were invited for dinner, mami ( uncle’s wife) was cooking.I wanted to make some thing for him…but as always was really short of time,thus decided to make brownie from Nigella Lawson’s recipes…it seemed to be an easy recipe..

brownie from Nigela's kitchen
brownie from Nigella’s kitchen

This is for my mama..the amazing uncle he has been in my life..I have never felt a generation gap with him, I can talk to him on any topic, I always go up to him to seek advice, he has been a great role model in my life for the patience , simplicity, and the parenting skills he has, for me he is like a mature friend and a strong pillar in my life, I can tease him, joke with him…I can be myself with him. I believe everyone should have certain adults in their lives other than their parents who can impart wisdom and who we look up to..for me both my mama and his wife are those for me

my uncle had been with me in the most difficult time in my life…it’s aΒ time-tested relationship, our relationship has never changed even today he is there..for all of us…Earlier we use to be so busy and not meet for months, ever since I had the baby, my mama’s family makes it a point to visit the baby regularly..I am really lucky to have him in my life…


Once the brownie was done..I was too excited to cut it and take the pictures…sadly my knife skills are bad…I could not cut them perfectly…but never the less they tasted awsome…thanks Nigella..!!

my son is crawling now, I have put the brownie basket on the floor for some of the pictures, as I put this basket down, he would come crawling to grab the brownies…before he reached them I had to finish clicking and pick it up with in seconds…there were a few times he actually garbed the basket and gave me his naughty smile, it was super fun taking these pics as along with working on the blog, I was also playing catch with my son :-).

Sorry..i am so clumsy with my knief work...just could not cut proper square peices..
Sorry..i am very clumsy with my knife work…just could not cut proper squares

The evening was a family affair, my mami had cooked pav bhaji and pulav, there was gulab jambu and homemade cake by my cousin Niti yum!!.I enjoyed the dinner simple home cooked food with rains pouring their heart out..

Here is the link to this brownie recipe by Nigella Lawson

p.s. My mouth is already watering remembering these brownies…probably going to dream about them tonite πŸ˜‰




  1. Mom’s brothers are always special πŸ™‚ Happy birthday to uncle!! Brownies looks so nice , never worry with cutting when it tastes gud πŸ™‚

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