These pictures below are a very common sight on the streets of India…

When I see people sleeping  anywhere I wonder how could they be possibly sleeping in such an uncomfortable place in such hot  weather? Do  these people I see sleeping have easy going  lives without much emotional baggage that they can sleep whenever and wherever or  are they in such a pitiable condition that due to lack of  basic necessities they can sleep anywhere?

this led me to think what does it take to get a sound sleep…?

To have a sound sleep.. it definitely doesn’t take the most expensive bedding and a cupboard full of money.(that would probably take away your sleep)….as most of the people who have sleeping problems  come from upper classes of the society while other classes of the end of the day will fall in bed and start snoring in no time…thus one thing is sure you cannot buy sleep…only thing you can buy are sleeping pills but that doesn’t work as eventually the dose increases but sleeps remains a problem.

This typist taking his afternoon nap outside the high court in the city of Ahmedabad
This typist taking his afternoon nap outside the high court in the city of Ahmedabad


A boy sleeping outside a car garage at Mumbia chor bazzar
A boy sleeping outside a car garage, between 2 cars at Mumbia chor bazzar
men sleeping outside a shop early morning with thier goats tied under thier bed at Mumbai Chor bazzar
men sleeping outside a shop with thier goats tied under thier bed at Mumbai Chor bazzar

thus I have come up with these following points which help in having a sound sleep..

-sleeping habits are best formed in childhood, thus as parents if we make sure our children sleep in their bed, in a secure, calm and happy atmosphere every night, as adults they will grow up as extremely secure individuals and a lot of sleep problems of the adulthood can be avoided. This formula is tried and tested, my parents made sure we slept in our bed every night with a fixed routine, both me and sister hardly have sleeping problems, both of us now can sleep alone anywhere, we don’t have fear of darkness or any other fears…we both have no problems with our sleep as we are not disturbed by nightmares…this is a tried and tested formula…We follow it for our son…it’s hard at times with absolutely no night life as we do not take him out for our convenience. We make sure he sleeps in his safe and secure environment…we know in the long run it’s better for him and thus better for us…

– if someone has lot of nightmare and sound sleep is a problems in adult life, there may be a lot of unresolved childhood issues as lots of childhood incidents disturb and repeat  in dreams , hence seek professional help as these need to be cured from its roots…then only the sleep will improve.

– regular sex with one’s partner gives a lot of emotional and physical satisfaction, thus helps in sleeping better…I think best sleep is after good sex..nothing beats that 😉

– work satisfaction or satisfaction of doing something you love helps in getting a happier sleep…

–  doing the right thing, basically keeping your life clean and simple..more the manipulations, more wrong doings,  more cheating in business or work or in personal life …more will it haunt your sleep. My mum always tells us .”think twice before doing something wrong as some mistakes are irreversible, they will effect all the relationships in your life, haunt you forever” and thus effect ones sleep.Your karma will decide if it will let you sleep or not..

– good amount of physical activity during the physical life helps in better sleep.

– being generally happy, loving and caring for  people, pets, helping and being thoughtful, kissing, hugging loved ones.. will give you a satisfaction of being alive and in return will help you sleep better. Just opposite to this jealousy is one of the biggest emotion which trigger all other negative emotions and take away a person’s sleep…

thus for me the formula for sound sleep is simple in a way..I hope I have covered the main points, if I have missed any, help me with them….

I believe after all what is the purpose of everything in life, all the achievements or money or all the materialistic things? if a person cannot sleep well at night..everything becomes worthless if one doesn’t have the basic thing, sound sleep. Sound sleep is also another synonym of satisfaction, security or peace of mind…

P.s. Writing this blog gives we so much satisfaction…during the day I get a adreline rush when I come up with an idea for the blog, After doing the cooking, photography or compiling I feel so good… i sleep so well after I have finished my post update ( that is till the baby decides to sleep) right now I am already half sleeping..zzz 🙂 good night hope you too have a sound sleep..



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