Was alone for dinner…yeah..!!I don’t remember last I had dinner alone…sometimes it’s a nice change to have dinner alone…

I had made these noodles in the evening…made them absolutely Indian Istyle ( Istyle is the way Indians pronounce style when they don’t know to speak English basically it’s a desi slang), the way the street side hawkers make it…actually better!, … it had all the vegitables cabbage, carrot, capsicum, green beans and green onions…the basic recipe is of that of Hakka noodles…but my twist was this: first I heated the oil sautéed finely chopped garlic and let them brown, then switched off the heat and added Indian red hot chilli powder, then switched the heat on again added the veggies, added all the possible sauces I sauce of an Indian brand, red hot and sweet chilli sauce of an Indian brand, chiracha, vinegar, added the noodles  and mixed all of it well…tasted to check the balance of flavours…my desi Chinese noodles done…

it’s so funny these days my baby crawls and follows our dog and I am running behind our baby…the whole day there is this train of the three of us in the house…when I sit and think about my son…what not did he eat today..other than his toys..he tore a magazine and tried to eat its pages..he tried to chew our door stopper, he tried to eat our dogs leg…he tried to eat a thermocol Sheet, a stool’s wooden legs…his play areas tags…his bibs… A/c remote, my mobile phone…ha ha .,.the list goes on…basically anything and everything he could get his hands on…he is one active child…full of energy and life..he keeps me on my toes when he is up…but I would not change him ….thus after a day of crawling he got super tired and was fast asleep..maybe he was dreaming..tomorrow which new territory shall I explore crawling? and which new thing should I chew on? 😉

I changed  into my pyjamas, with oil in my hair  all ready to dive in bed once done with dinner…sat to eat these noodles all by myself…in peace…pampered my self with these spicy noodles…




P.s. As I was eating…the song by celine dion, “all by myself.”was going on in my head…but in context to a happier time 🙂



  1. Son eating whatever comes his way is the motor developmental milestone. Let him enjoy the ‘ hand to mouth coordination for the time being.

    Sorry my comment seems utterly out of context but being a doctor a Paediatrician to be precise, can’t help but offer a piece of Advice about parenting.

    Nonetheless nice blog!!!

    1. Thanks for the advice..I let him most of the things…only now that he is crawling he eats the wrong things like today he wanted to eat wires of a lamp or certain things are just wrong to let him ear for his health like shoe laces etc…hence need to keep a watch on him…rest everything I let him eat chew lick…
      Thanks for your valuable advice…it’s means a lot..:-)

      1. Yeah chewing those inedible stuffs brings infection perhaps infective Gastroenteritis. But no worries its a part of his Growth.
        Vaccination is important.
        If u r an Indian citizen make sure ur child is vaccinated.


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