I love this quote by Mahatma Ghandhi,” Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Ghandhi as we call Bapu in India, he being the father of the nation followed what he said. he wanted to see India as a free country he took matters in his hand.

I believe in Bapu and love him with all my heart, this quote is something I follow in my life. If I want to change something I will do it myself, I do not wait from anyone to rescue me. You have to take matters in your own hands… I thought of these words of Bapu, when Meenaxi, who worked  for us and helped us with our household work decided to divorce her abusive husband. She is a young 23 years old girl constantly being beaten up by her in laws, plus they used up all her hard earned money and leave her penny less. When she use to work at our house there where so many times she would come bruised and I would tell her not to take it, I told her to go to the police and leave that bastard husband of hers, but somehow she never had the courage, she thought she had nowhere to go, me and Sid always told her that our house was open for her but then there was another social issue which is common in Indian villages, she would ask me how can a women live without a husband? her identity her security is in her married name..I would tell her for the sake of peace of mind it is better  to live alone then in an abusive relationship. I would tell her not to rely on anyone in her family but take matters in her own hands and decide for her future as she had her whole life ahead of her.Finally when we left our old house I gave her some extra money and told her to do what she felt right. Yesterday she called from her village that finally she signed her divorce papers as she could not take the abuses anymore…such a brave girl, she actually made the change she wanted in her life…what courage! Life for women in Indian villages is tough with no support but yet she took a strong step. So many women who are in a better place then Meenaxi cannot take this step, they wait for someone to come and save them or pray to God for some miracle to happen, so many people will wait and let years go by,  wait …just wait..

For all these People these bapu’s words should be their way of life, only then all shall be well…I can’t wait to meet Meenaxi when she comes back and give her a tight hug for the amazing guts she has shown…this Pettite frame, tinny soft spoken girl has taken such an tough step …something to learn from her…

Since I am mentioning Mahatma Ghandhi, i had some images when I visited Mahatma Ghandhi’s Ashram in my city Ahmedabad. Bapu stayed here and fought for the freedom of India from here…Yes I do live in a Historic city,  the city of Mahatma Ghandhi..the city of my Bapu 🙂

Bapu spinning his famous charkha and making khadi
Bapu spinning his famous charkha and making khadi
A photo of bapu riding  a bicycle
A photo of bapu riding a bicycle
bapu with other freedom fighters
bapu with other freedom fighters
Bapu's house at his Ashram
Bapu’s house at his Ashram
In his whole life Bapu said speak the truth no matter what it takes..speak the truth...
All his life Bapu said speak the truth no matter what it takes..speak the truth…

p.s. As I am writing this post and uploading the pictures a song from the movie ” Lage raho Munna Bhai.” By director Raju Hirani ( I am such a fan of his work) about Bapu is going on in my head..the song goes ” Bande mieh tha dum…Vande Mataram, Bande mien tha dum.” It means he had guts… this song is from the movie about Bapu, it’s an emotional comedy movie on Bapu…it’s a story of how a gangster starts seeing Bapu and start following his path..how he starts changing the situation around him, how he follows the path of non violence and truth.. I love this movie, have seen it several times…I suggest everyone who is interested in Bollywood to watch it…it’s a classic 🙂


  1. I watched this Bollywood movie about three brothers…I heard the phrase “all is well” from there. It was a very funny movie…thanks for sharing about Gandhi. he was a great hero!

    1. Yeah 3 idiots…I love that movie…for me it was a life changing movie…hence I named my blog All Izz well..thanks for getting that phrase:-)
      Bollywood is now coming up with very good movie from this last decade..it is rising above its song and dance..

  2. Hi! I am nominated for a Versatile blogger award and in return I have to nominate ten bloggers. I really like your blog, and I nominate you for this award. Please read my latest post for the rules:) Congratulations!

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