In India when a baby is born we distribute sweets. We were suppose to do them then but it got delayed as I did not want to do it a hurry ..finally decided on the sweets…After going through lots of ideas, my aunt Sonia Mehta suggested me to give different varieties of dates with  fillings in them done by someone she knew from Mumbai

Hence I contacted the owner Suresh Nair to send me a sample box, Nair to me seemed a very soft spoken person. Once I got the sample box, I paid for it.

The dates where to die for, so many varieties imported from various middle eastern countries.We planned to gift these with ceramic plates we ordered from Pondicherry on the joyous occasion of our son’s birth…

I want to specially write how amazed I was dealing with Nair in this post. When I called for the sample box, it was the first time we spoke, then I ordered around 1200 dates of different qualities, the total bill was a huge amount. I told him when I needed the dates and once I deposited the money, he should send them. Once I emailed him the date, I callee to tell him that I should be depositing the money that day or the next day, my office could not deposit the money that day so again I called to tell him that I shall make the deposit the next day morning, Nair replied, ” that’s ok, I have already send the dates, they should be reaching in two days,” I was surprised…in this day and age where there is so much mistrust..there are people who work on trust, he trusted a total stranger with whom he just  talked on the phone…wow!!I was wondering how clean hearted Nair must be, his voice on the phone sounded so honest…my aunt had told me the owner was a very nice person, when she suggested me the dates but to send the order by trusting a voice on the something else. When I called to tell him the money should be in the account, with his trusting voice he said that was ok…he will check…

how many times today we come across such people? I would want to hear more stories like this. This is exactly how people worked in the olden times, they did business on trust or word of mouth..thanks Nair for teaching me something also thanks  for the tasty dates..





Finally the dates arrived…and the packing begin. Nishu (my dearest aunt) came to help us with the packing…

It was a fun family time…my mom and Nishu  did most of the packing , my lil sis helped in the small work and running errands, me looking after the baby having a good time..did no work;-)


Message and card brainstormed by me and Sid..
Message and card brainstormed by me and Sid..


Half work done ……Nishu has to have her tea….thus a tea break….then back to work….thanks nishu for helping us with the packing…it’s always a jovial time with u always:-)

snack time ..dry bhel and chai..
snack time ..dry bhel and chai..


  1. Your sweets looks divinely delicious. I love the way they are packaged. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. Best wishes!

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