Having a small baby, changes your world…

Being a full time mum, my day’s excitement is when my baby laughs or crawls…my agenda is his poop….my time table is according to him…

this had made me isolated, since my social life has become almost nil, I thank god for the internet, blogging, social network cites..

since I’am home most of the time…for my personal learning and growth, I keep on reading online, browsing recipes, and go through other blogs..this experience has been both inspiring and satisfying…thus today I have added another category on this blog called ‘ from the international school of internet.’ All the recipes I have learnt from others shall be but under this category.

For me this school has been more rewarding as I was never a serious student in my school more interested in mischief and what was going on outside I never made most of the school days….it’s like today I am relearning everything again..



This South Indian curry in learnt from the blog traditionally modern food by Vidya…

I love grandma recipes and reading this recipe excited me so much, I had to make it…

we had it for dinner on night everyone loved it…

I made a few changes in the recipe…added more chilies hence the orange colour, changed the combination of vegetables, and of course added onions as nothing works in our house hold without onions:-)

Link to the original recipe is below…called Thega Archa Kuzhambu phew I can’t pronounce hence I call it South Indian curry..


thanks Vidya…

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