Like in the movie Spy Games…the difficult mission to rescue the undercover agent and his lover from the Chinese prison was called operation ‘dinner out.’, even for me and I am sure every mum with a baby going out for dinner leaving the baby would be planning ahead of time and almost like a mission…

I am completely enjoying being a mum but my days have become very hectic..I am always on my toes, a Hindi song “doda doda bhagasa…doda doda bhagasa…waqt yeh todasa..” It means running running all the time…time is really short.” That’s the song plays in my head when I m running around and planning my day…

yesterday my day started by 6.20, not to forget the frequent getting up in the night…

Day started with feeding then lying next to the baby half asleep when he is talking and playing with me…Then boiling baby’s water…sterilising vessels….changing diapers…bath time…nap time…lunch time…my lunch time…playing with my munchkin…expressing milk…preparing baby’s apple juice…putting him to nap…working on my photographs…noon juice time..feed time…preparing baby outing bag….baby outing…back home..preparing baby dinner…dinner time…by I am already hungry…sponge time…feed time…finally putting baby in his cradle….handing  him over to grand ma…checking everything which grand ma might need….finally leaving…DINNER OUT..mission accomplished…

We had gone out with my sister ipshita and her husband Varun, to Earthen Oven..a restaurant which has a live Indian grill and tandoor…it serves good punjabi food with many options in tandoori food…

I eat paneer lababdar, a cottage cheese sabji in which paneer pieces are broken, Black dal, bread basket which had rumali roti, lachha paratha, tandoori roti, butter naan, missi roti, cheese naan and stuffed naan.( tasted all the breads)

dinner out


i also had the chicken tikka, yes I am a Vegiteranian, this is the only meat thing I can eat, a well cooked well marinated chicken in Indian spices.  All the food serves had balanced of flavours. I over ate!! Oops..there goes my weight loss program for the day…

Did something for self check

Time spend with hubby check

quality time with sister and her hubby check

Ate good food check

mission dinner out check…totally worth it…nice conversations.great company…good food…nice weather…good choice of restaurant..

came back home just in time before our baby woke up…all Izz well…all Izz well 🙂



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