This recipe I had seen on Highway on my plate, the NDTV show. One of my favorite food exploring Indian shows. I feel Rocky and Mayur are rockstars. When I see them hosting this show I can feel how much they enjoy their work and they are doing something they love. That’s the best part of life, if you mange to love what you do then everyday is like a vacation, you don’t need to run away.Same goes for me about photography, I love simply love clicking pictures..every moment of it I cherish. New ideas keep on coming, inspirations are never ending.

This raita Rocky and Mayur were eating at a dhabha on a highway somewhere in Leh or Laadhak, all they got was a paratha and raita there, and the way they described it, I found it very interesting.When I had mint at home I recreated it. We have it with biriyani or paratha. Plus it a cheat’s raita as it is very quick to make.




2 cups of dahi
¾ cup of mint leaves chopped rougly
2-3 red chilies chopped
Roasted jeera or jeera powder
Salt to taste


Mix the curd well so no lumps are left. Add all the other ingredients and mix well. Keep in the refrigerator to chill.

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