I simply love the scene in Pink Panther when Steve Martin, “Cluless Clouseau” goes to USA and tastes his first burger. He can’t get over them, when he is flying back to France he tries smuggling some burgers in his over coats which creates a ruckus at the security check. The funny part is he cannot even pronounce Ham Burger in his French accent. He calls it Haabager, Hgbugger, Hannurger and lots of funny names .Well this is a veg version of a Burger.
This recipe is my friends sister-in-law’s Meenal Patel’s recipe. She keeps on trying new recipes and she had given this to my friend and that how I got it.
I have written the original one. When I assemble the burger I add a lot of my personal elements like garlic sautéed mushrooms roasted, roasted bell peppers, garlic moyo, peri peri mayo, barbeque sauce, english mustard, marks and spencer caramelized chutney. At our home it’s like make your own burger. We put every thing on the table and we make according to our preferences. Our friends back in Indore loved these burger lunches. They still request this burger whenever they come over. The boys love these burgers with beer and the best part is once the prep is done, I don’t have to stand in the kitchen for serving, everyone is having fun and eating together.





[Serves 3-4]

For the burger patties:

4 large potatoes boiled
1 cup peas boiled
1 carrot boiled and chopped
7-8 french beans boiled chopped
½ tsp of garam masala [optional]
2 tbsp of bread crumbs powder
1 ½ tsp red chili
1 tbsp oil
1 tsp crushed pepper
Salt to taste

For white sauce:

1 cup chopped cabbage
1 tbsp cornflour
1 1/2 cup milk
1 tsp crushed black pepper
1 tsp olive oil
Salt to taste

6 Burger buns


Burger Patties:

Mash the potatoes, the peas, carrots, French beans, garama masala, chili powder, crushed pepper, salt. Mix the mixture with hands so everything blending well.
Make round patties with hand for the burger.
Once the patties are done roll them in bread crumbs.
In a non stick pan heat the oil, and cook the patties. Cook till they are brown on both the sides. Keep them aside.

White sauce:

White sauce with cabbage can be done in anyway but writing this shortcut method I follow.
Mix the milk, cornflour, salt and pepper together well so no lumps of the cornflour are left.
In a non stick pan heat the oil, add the cabbage, cook till it get a bit brown, add the milk mixture and keep on stirring continuously. Cook for 2-3 minutes till the mixture is thickened and the cornflour is cooked. Let it cool.


Place the patties in the burger bun, layer it with white sauce, vegetables of your choice, cheese, mayonnaise, mustard what ever you feel like eating with.


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