thumbs1 A Jhakaas product…

My baby looks like his father but cetain things he has got from sensitive skin…

He is prone to rashes, no matter how frequently I change him..but initially his rash would’nt go…so with a lot of trail and error I finally managed to rash proof my baby…its been months there are no rash…not even redness…phew…!!

During my trail and error I tried a lot of wipes available in the market…I realised the best ones’ are from mothercare. The other wipes I used where watery which added moisture to the skin and moisture along with acids in the urine and poop of the baby would rear rashes. The Mothercare wipes are so good even though they look dry, they are perfect.

Wipes are not the only thing that rash proofed my baby but they are a big part of the whole process.

Soon I shall put up another post to explain the whole rash proofing process….

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