This recipe was given to me by a chef at an Italian restaurant, called Pizza Pino in Paris. We found this restaurant to be a very friendly and a buzzing place. We were waiting to be seated and the manager, an Italian started chatting with us, He told us, if you want to eat pizza in Paris late night this is the place. It had an open kitchen where they were making live pizzas,that’s where we continued talking to the chef.

This is when he told me how they made their gravy. It was very easy. I realized , that original Italian food has very few and simple ingredients but is full of flavors.

I made this gravy at home when I wanted to make a quick pizza, it tasted very authentic.




[Serves 2]

8 to 9 large tomatoes [soft] boiled, pealed and grinded in a  sauce in a mixi

6 to 7 cloves to garlic chopped very finely or made into a paste

7 to 8 leaves of fresh basil

Chile flakes accordingly

2 tbsp of olive oil

Salt to taste


In a pot heat olive oil , add the garlic let it cook for a few seconds[do not let it burn] now add rest of the ingredients and cook on a slow heat till it becomes a thick sauce [ this will take about 20 to 30 minutes]. Let it cool.This easy pizza sauce is done.

Now place it on a pizza bread with the toppings of your choice, it is ready to bake. This tastes best with home made pizza bread.



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