This recipe was given to me by dearest friend Parul’s mom Veena aunty. When I go to Indore, I always go to her house to eat her crispy dosas.

This chutney tastes excellent with idlis, dosas, uttapam, appam etc. If you do not like the taste of onions, avoid it as in the original south India recipe onions are not added.

cocunut finals



2 cups of shredded coconut dried or regular

1 small onion

1 green chili

½ cup coriander

2 tbsp of roasted channa dal

Salt according to taste

For the tempering:

2 tsp oil

½ tbsp rai

2 to 3 dried kashmiri Mirch



In a mixer add all the ingredients. Grind all the ingredients. Add water if required but do not make it very runny.

Once all the chutney is mixed,  take it out in a bowl and do the tempering.

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